3 Piece Suit Hire

The 3 piece suit epitomises style and fits in perfectly at all kinds of occasion from weddings to corporate conferences. Of course, the majority of people do not own this kind of suit, and why should they? After all they are not needed for every occasion, and they are not exactly suited to lounging about in around the house or a night in the local pub. The three-piece suit is generally only required two or three times a year, having one cluttering up the wardrobe all-year round seems pointless. The other thing about owning a suit means being seen in the same outfit constantly. Most people aren’t keen on wearing one suit time after time, especially if you are attending events with the same people. There is a suitable solution for all of these problems, 3 piece suit hire!

Types of the three-piece suit

The three-piece suit is essentially a suit with the addition of a waist coat which creates the third part (jacket and trousers being the other parts). 3 piece suit hire poses the same problems as hiring any suit, although there is added choice of the waist coat to factor in. The problems are not finding a hire company, there are many of those, both on and offline, in fact, the problems aren’t bad ones, they are good ones. This is because there are so many choices available.  

Three pieces suits are designed for men, women and children, and are available in a range of sizes for all occasions. The first choice you will have is the types of fabric for your suit. Each type of material will feel and look different, common fabrics include:
  • Cotton – light and breathable material
  • Cashmere – very soft and comfortable
  • Linen – very common, easy washable fabric
  • Silk – light, soft and smooth
  • Tweed – durable and heavy
  • Flannel- also durable and heavy but also soft
  • Wool – very versatile
  • Herringbone – coarse, durable and hard to wrinkle
One you have chosen the ideal fabric for your 3 piece suit hire. You will then need to decide on the correct cut and style. Suits can be hired “off the rack” in generic sizes or “made to measure” which is common with wedding and ball suit hire. It is important to find a suit that fits and flatters your particular body type. Having a suit that is made to measure is the best way of getting a hire suit which is both stylish and comfortable.

Made to measure suit

A perfect fit is important to everyone looking for 3 piece suit hire. A custom-fitted  suit is a service provided by most hire shops. A store assistant will take measurements of neck, shoulders, chest, waist, inseam and sleeves; they can then provide a suitable suit that can be altered as required. Alterations are particularly necessary with wedding suit hire whereby original suit fittings are made many months in advance.

The most important factor when hiring any suit is comfort, whatever the occasion, being comfortable is essential, made to measure suits ensure this the case.  

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