Asian Suit Hire

Suit hire is big business in the UK and firms specialising in the short term rental of suits find themselves in high demand all year round. The vast majority of people that look for suit hire do so when they are in need of an outfit to look smart on a special occasion, many people only own one or two suits that are used for certain events, or maybe work. Others do not own a suit at all. Hiring a suit allows a person to look at their best for the particular occasion and then once the proceedings are over the suit can be given back and replaced with a completely different outfit on the next get together. This is something that buying a suit cannot offer. Buying means parting with a fair amount of money for an outfit that can only be worn a certain amount of times.  

Asian suit hire is very popular in the UK, and as you can imagine from the different styles and cultures of the Asian continent, the choice of suit is vast.

Types of Asian suits

Traditional North Indian suits such as Punjabi Salwar Kameez wear are very popular amongst Indian women and can be hired for all kinds of occasion. The outfit consists of a long flowing tunic and trousers and comes tastefully decorated with an array of intricate stone and beading embroidery to give it a unique look. Colours are also very prominent in both women’s and girl’s suits with numerous brightly-coloured styles available. In the western world, Salwar Kameez is commonly referred to as Kurta Pyjamas and popular with men looking to impress and less formal get-togethers.

Asian suit hire for Indian men is also popular, and for marrying or attending the ceremony of a friend or relative, a Sherwani suit is the outfit of choice. British Asian men are now readily embracing traditional wear, and the colours and styles of Sherwani suit allows them to attend an event in an outfit that stands out from the rest. The traditional Sherwani consists of a close-fitting garment which is similar to a jacket, although extends to knee length. There is an open front to the jacket with button fastenings, and a Nehru and slim fitting trousers complete the look.

The Jodhpuri suit is also a popular Asian suit hire choice and elegantly combines a traditional eastern influence with a western look and style. The suit jacket comes with a collar which is fastened only at the neck and is matched with a pair of formal trousers. A Jodhpuri outfit also benefits from unique embroidery to add to the traditional feel.

Hiring an Asian suit

A major factor in Asian suit hire is the fit. Salwar Kameez suits are more generic and designed to fit wide range of people without being made to measure. Sherwani and Jodhpuri suits, on the other hand, will require the perfect tailored fit. This will mean having measurements taken of neck, shoulders, chest, and sleeves and inside leg to ensure a suit is correct. Already having these measurements to hand can be helpful when hiring online.

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