Ball Suit Hire

Attending a ball is one of the most important dates in anyone’s social calendar. It is on very rare occasions that the vast majority of people will attend this kind of event and looking the part when you do is essential. Because of the fact, a ball date is few and far between, owning a suit for these kinds of occasions is really not necessary, and buying a suit that is to be used only once seems silly. This is one of the reasons why ball suit hire is so popular.  

Being able to hire a suit for this kind of event is excellent and allows you to look stylish and cutting edge without having to break the bank for something that is not likely to fit in a few years’ time. Hiring a suit is also the ideal choice for people that do find themselves attending a number of similar events throughout the year; being seen in the same outfit a number of times is not ideal, especially when trying to impress others.

Types of suit for a ball

Ball suit hire is not limited to one kind of suit and there are numerous options available in regard to fabric, style and cut. The only real restriction is the fact that most balls are black tie events. A popular choice of suit for balls is the tuxedo; this consists of a black jacket with lapels, matching black trousers, a bow tie and a black cummerbund which is fitted around the waist.  The tuxedo is a popular form of suit hire because it is rarely used for anything other than this kind of event.  

A three-piece suit is also a popular choice and is one of the most stylish suits available for hire. This kind of suit consists of a jacket with matching trousers and the addition of a waist coat which makes up the third piece.

The different variations of jacket are a big factor for many people when choosing a hire suit. There is the choice of double or single breasted jackets and different style of lapel, including:
  • Shawl lapel
  • Peaked lapel
  • Notched lapel
A breast pocket is also an option and is often used to display a pocket square or handkerchief as are sleeve buttons, which are for display purposes.
Ball suit hire generally consists of matching jacket and trousers; both styled the same and cut from identical fabric.

Ball suit fitting

Ball suit hire online is now just as popular on as it is offline, and it is now popular to order a suit which can be delivered directly to your door and collected once finished with. Hiring online will require you knowing your suit sizes and jackets and trousers cannot be tailored for certain requirements. If you are looking for a “made to measure” ball suit, visiting a local hire shop may be the best option, this way you can have an assistant take your exact measurements and provide a suit to match.

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