Best Man Suit Hire

Although any occasion that requires a suit can be deemed important, a wedding suit is arguably the most important of all. The role of a best man at a wedding will mean you are the groom’s closest and most trusted friend, and you will have an active part in the planning of the wedding proceedings. As such a central part of the big day, a pristine suit is a must. Of course, not just any old suit from the wardrobe will be satisfactory for such a day and on many occasions, the best man is required to wear suits that match those of the groom, pageboys and usher.  

A wedding suit is not the kind of outfit that can be worn to any occasion as generally only worn once. For this reason, most people choose to hire. Best man suit hire is different to regular suit hire and will require special fitting and tailoring to suit the individual.

What kind of suit does a best man wear?

While it is not set in stone what a best man must wear to a wedding, the tradition is that the best man’s suit matches that of the grooms. Best man suit hire throws up plenty of options and while the overall style and look of the suit are chosen by the groom, he generally makes the choice with the help of his best man.  

There are numerous different colour schemes, fabrics and cuts of a best man suit and the choice made can depend on the theme of the wedding, the dress of the bride, the venue and the time of the year that the wedding is held. Suits are available in two and three piece and come with the option of tie, cravat or even bow tie. Most suit trousers will match the fabric and colour of the jacket, and the overall choice is general made based on the look of the jacket. Popular choices include:
  • Tailcoats – these are common with traditional weddings and in particular, morning ceremonies. A tailcoat is cut away at the front and long at the rear with one button to fasten.  
  • Tuxedo – this kind of suit is reserved mostly for evening weddings and consists of a single buttoned grey or black jacket with notched, peak or shawl lapels. Trousers will match the fabric of the jacket, and a cummerbund is worn around the waist.
  • Slim fit suit – these suits are generally Italian cut and will be a matching three-piece outfit with a thigh length jacket.

Getting fitted for a best man suit

Best man suit hire for the traditional wedding will require a tailor fitted suit. This often involves more than one trip to a wedding suit store. Shop assistants will take measurements of your neck, shoulders, chest, sleeves, inside leg and waist a suit will then be provided to match those measurements. Wedding suit fittings are generally done well in advance of the big day, and alterations may be required closer to the date.

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