Boys Suit Hire

Suit hire is an in-demand industry all year-round and remains popular because of the amount of weddings, balls, conferences and family celebrations that are held each year. Many people consider suit hire just be just catered towards adult males. This is not the case and suits are readily available for women and kids. For many suit rental firms, boy’s suit hire is as in demand as men’s.

The option of hiring a boy’s suit is an excellent alternative to buying and provides many more benefits. For the vast majority of their young lives, boys will have no need to wear a suit. This makes buying one pretty much pointless. Buying a suit in contrast to hiring can prove costly, especially when the suit is only likely to be used on a one-off occasion. Young boys also grow very quickly and a suit that is bought one month may no longer fit in the next. Hiring puts an end to all the problems. A suit can be hired purely for the occasion and then returned once finished with, no need to spend vast amounts of money on an outfit that is likely to be otherwise collecting dust.

What sort of occasions will a boy need a suit for?

There are numerous events when a boy requires  a suit. The most obvious on is weddings. Quite often family members are selected as page boys in wedding ceremonies. This will generally require a suit, and on most occasions, one that matches those of the groom, best-man and ushers. On many occasions, parents choose to put their children in suits when they are attending as guests and a smart hire suit will have them looking the part. Christenings and bar mitzvahs are also occasions when a child may require a suit, and such a major occasion in a child’s life will require an outfit to match.  

Boy’s suit hire is also popular with school proms and balls. These kinds of events are now very popular in UK secondary schools having been a mainstay in American high schools for many years. A prom is held for children who are about to leave school and move on to bigger things. It is a one-off  occasion and hiring a suit can achieve the perfect look.

Boys suit fitting

Most boys’ suits are available to hire in set sizes. These will be suitable for most children. Other occasions such as wedding’s and christenings are planned months or even years in advance, and a suit is often chosen well in advance of the big day. Boy’s will undergo an initial fitting where measurements can be taken and selected suits tried on for size. However, it is more than likely that a child will have grown by the date of the occasion, and this will need to be factored in. For this reason, boys will be required to visit the hire shop to undergo further fittings so that a suit can be altered as required.

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