Bridegroom Suit Hire

A suit is the outfit of choice for many occasions and is worn at numerous important events; however, the need for the perfect can be no more important than on a wedding day. Getting married is the biggest day of many people’s lives and looking the part on the big day is essential, especially for the bridegroom who, other than the bride (of course), has the most central role. Weddings are becoming more and more extravagant, and the modern bridegroom is very style conscious. This will mean having a suit that compliments the dress of the bride, bridegroom suit hire of the perfect solution.

Why hire and not buy?

Bridegroom suit hire provides numerous benefits over the option of buying. Of course, the suit that you marry in will be a cherished one; it is also one that will generally only be worn as a one-off. Most wedding suits are not designed to be worn in the office or at other social occasions; buying your wedding suit will mean you only getting one day’s wear from it and then confining it to the wardrobe to collect dust, you wouldn’t consider buying a lounge or casual suit that can only be worn once, and why would you? After all it doesn’t represent value.

There is the option of buying your bridegroom suit and then selling it on afterwards. However, most suits are tailored specifically to you size and finding an exact size match may prove tough. Then there is the factor of cost. Weddings are expensive; often costing thousands of pounds, buying a suit can significantly increase costs, which can be better spent elsewhere. Hiring allows you to have a suit cut from the finest cloth at a low cost.

What to look for when hiring

One thing that is imperative when looking for bridegroom suit hire is choice, you be sure that the hire company you choose can provide a range of fabrics, styles and sizes. Weddings are often planned around a specific colour be the theme. A bridegroom suit will often compliment the colour of the bride’s and bridesmaids dresses. You should make sure that the hire store has the facilities to match any colour you require. Some companies are able to make cravats, ties and pocket squares specially based on your desired colour this can be beneficial if you are favouring a rare shade.

A range of sizes will also be important. Weddings are often planned years in advance, and the original choice and suit and fitting will be done months before the big day. The company you choose should have the facilities to cater to any size changes that may occur before the wedding and still have a suit ready on time.

No two weddings are ever the same, and a hire firm should be versatile enough to cater for all bridegroom suit hire needs, the following is a handy checklist of what should be offered:
  • Free delivery and collection
  • Overseas weddings
  • Civil ceremonies
  • Insurance
  • Flexible hire terms
  • Flexible appointments

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