Business Suit Hire

The UK has a large market for business suit hire, and it is easy to see why. The business suit plays an important role in the boardroom, at client meetings and at conferences; many consider a suit to play a big part in being successful. Business can be about dealing with, and impressing clients; entering a meeting in a bespoke suit will instantly impress potential clients and speak volumes about the seriousness of your business. First impressions count massively in society and particularly in the corporate world, showing up in the same suit time after time is not really an option.

A hire suit is not one that will be needed every day in the office; it is one that is used to make a statement. Many people have a suit that is used at certain occasions; many also have a high-class suit that is perfect for making an impression. However, once that suit has been worn a few times it can become tired looking. Paying hundreds of pounds for a new one that can only be worn a select number of times does not represent value. This is where the business suit hire industry excels.

Benefits of hiring a business suit

A major benefit of hiring is cost. A business suit is not a cost friendly investment and modern bespoke suit can easily cost in the high hundreds and even thousands of pounds. Furthermore, not every suit is ideal for every occasion. Hiring allows you to choose a suit perfect for the event in question and then return it afterwards, when the next engagement comes around you simply hire a different suit, allowing you to remain fresh and stylish at every corporate event.  

The choice on offer can be considered one of the major benefits of business suit hire. There are hundreds of companies in the UK that specialise in this field and each will offer suits in a range of fabrics, cuts and sizes.

Choice of business suit

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to the business suit, it is important to consider, age, personal style and size when choosing. These factors will help you to make the correct decision.

Choice of jacket is most important decision when choosing a suit, whether you are opting for a two-piece jacket and trouser suit or a three-piece outfit which adds a waistcoat, the jacket is the central part of the suit. Types of jacket include:
  • Double-breasted jacket – classic jacket which never goes out of style.
  • Single breasted jacket- most popular comes with a choice of buttons.
  • One button jacket – not popular with business suits but good for a vintage look.
  • Two button jacket – most popular and suited to everyone.
  • Three button jacket – increasing in popularity, modern and stylish.
Peaked, notched and shawl lapels are available and these generally change in popularity depending on current trends.  

The choice of fabric is also central when choosing business suit hire. Wool is often the material of choice, although cotton is preferred in summer months. The choice of suit you make should always be made on what is comfortable and best suited to you, allowing you to make the perfect impression.

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