Cheap Formal Suit Hire

Suit hire is big business in the UK and there are hundreds of companies that specialise in a wide range of formal suits for all occasions. Suits are hired regularly daily  by various people attending, wedding, proms, funerals, banquets, royal events and black-tie dinners and in a time of recession when spare cash is hard to come by, there is one thing that people have a common and that is the need for cheap formal suit hire. Fortunately, thanks to the sheer number of companies the competition is fierce and companies undercut each other regularly in the hope of attracting customers; because of this there has never been a better time to find low priced suit hire.

Choosing a type of suit

The term ‘formal suit’ does not apply to one particular type of suit and is merely used to label suits used for formal events as opposed to casual affairs. The following suits can all be classed as formal wear:

  • Wedding suits
  • Evening and dinner suits
  • Morning suits
  • Highland suits
  • Sherwani suits
The type of formal suit you require will go a long way to determining how cheap your formal suit hire is. Wedding and morning suits are generally top of the list when it comes to the price of hire, this is because they are seen as the most luxurious and are made from the best fabrics. Common evening wear such as a tuxedo or lounge suit will be a lot cheaper to hire.  

The lounge suit is one outfit, in particular, that ideal for any occasion and is also readily available and cheap. The suit commonly consists of a single-breasted jacket (double breasted is also available) and matching formal trousers; as the most popular of all western-style suits, the lounge suit is available in a whole host of colours and fabrics. This kind of suit is the outfit of choice at black-tie events, proms and banquets; it is also popular for weddings and is ideal for grooms on a budget. When styled with the necessary accessories, a lounge suit is the perfect choice for cheap formal suit hire.

Additional suit hire costs

Cheap formal suit hire is not only about the suit itself but about the extras that come as part of the package. When hiring a suit you may be required to pay extra expenses that significantly alter the price of hire; to avoid being caught short, it is highly recommended to ask for a quote that includes no hidden costs or extra charges, companies will be happy to provide this but usually have to be asked to do so. Extra charges include:
  • Dry cleaning cost
  • Delivery and collection charges
  • Accidental damage waiver
  • Charges for accessories (neckwear, cufflinks, shoes, etc.)
  • Late return fees
The biggest charge of all is VAT, which can add 20% on to the overall cost, taking you from cheap formal suit hire to exceeding your budget in a second. Make sure all quotes gathered are inclusive of VAT.

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