Childrens Suit Hire

When an event comes around that requires you find a suit for your children, it is wise to consider the option of hiring instead of buying. The reasons for this will become apparent when the benefits of children’s suit hire are realised, buying will seem silly.  

Benefits of children’s suit hire

It is very rare that a child will be required to wear a suit, and it is definitely not an outfit suited to everyday use. When such a time comes when a suit is needed, for instance, a wedding or important social event, many parents choose to buy a suit outright. Now buying is not exactly cost-effective and modern children’s suits are often priced as much as adults; because of this parents buy the outfit in a larger size in the hope of getting more use as the child grows. An oversized suit is not the greatest of looks and children can often feel uncomfortable. Children’s suit hire solve problems of both cost and fit.

Hiring a suit for your child also gives the benefit of choice; there are numerous different styles, sizes and cuts available when hiring and the perfect suit can be chosen in relation to the occasion. Suits can also be tailored fitted so that a child is comfortable and looks stylish and elegant.

Wedding suit hire

Occasions that require a child to wear a suit are few and far between. One popular event, however, is weddings. If it is you or someone close to you that is tying the knot, your children may be needed as page boys, and this often means them wearing a suit that matches those of the groom and rest of the groom’s party. Children’s suit hire for page boys is extremely popular as many adults choose to hire their wedding suits. Measurements will be taken of the child’s neck, sleeves, waist, waist and inseam to provide the perfect suit. A wedding suit will generally consist of five pieces:
  • Jacket  
  • Trousers
  • Tie/cravat
  • Shirt
  • Waistcoat
The price of hire for a child’s wedding suit will differ depending on the shop, fabric, size and designer. One thing that will need to be factored in is the dry-cleaning  cost after the suit has been worn. Taking out insurance to cover accidental damage may also be beneficial as young children will be at risk of soiling the suit.

Prom suit hire

Another big occasion in a child’s life is the end of school prom. These events are relatively new in the UK but are becoming common place in most secondary schools. Looking good is essential for any teenager attending the prom, children’s suit hire is the best way to achieve the look they desire. Looking modern, stylish and fashionable will require a good fitting suit and hiring will allow your child to choose a suit perfect for their age, size and style. It is important for a teenager to look exactly how they want to look and hiring a suit is the best way for them to do this.

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