Brown Suit Hire

There are presently three companies in the UK that are currently offering the finest brown coloured suits for hire. So, if you are looking to hire a brown suit in the UK, you will do well to get in touch with these three companies, whose names are:
  • Moss Hire
  • Formally Yours
  • Anthony Exclusive Formalwear

Moss Hire

Moss Hire is a well-known suit hire company in the UK that has established itself as a foremost suit hire company and one that is best placed to rent out a good quality brown coloured suit. In fact, it has an excellent brown three quarter length jacket with matching trousers that is available for hire at very affordable cost. This Bourneville suit is the perfect option for the discerning man who wants to look their best at a wedding or other special occasion.

Moss Hire is also a company that has more than one hundred and fifty years of experience in this business and is therefore well placed to provide you with the perfect brown coloured suit for hire.

Formally Yours

Formally Yours is another excellent suit hire company and one that can provide you with a very suitable brown coloured suit for hire at very affordable prices. This is a company that offers a variety of options for those who wish to hire a suit and can provide you with the perfect brown coloured suit which will prove to be perfect for those who are planning on wearing the suit abroad. This is because the company offers its lightweight brown wedding suits that are designed for wear in foreign climates. This suit is available in several sizes and will definitely help you look your best.

Formally Yoursalso has more than two decades of experience in providing high street formal wear and so is well placed to offer you the perfect brown suit for a special occasion. You can contact the company by phone as well as by post. Their shop is located at 14 Faircharm Trading Estate Evelyn Drive Leicester LE3 2BU, and their telephone number is 0116 289 7888.

Anthony Exclusive Formalwear

Anthony Exclusive Formalwear is a suit hire company that caters to the need of the modern bridegroom that is also very fashion conscious. This is a company that boasts of having the most versatile and widest selection of suits for hire including excellent brown suits that can be rented out at a very affordable price. Anthony Exclusive Formalwear has a range of contemporary suits which are well designed and include the brown coloured suit which is made from Super 120 wool. This suit is also available in Prince Edward and Tails designs. The same company also offers a Camel Super 120 wool Edward brown coloured suit for hire.

Each of its suits is produced in Europe or the UK and is of a very high quality. To know more about the different suits that you can hire from this company, you will need to contact it at either its main showroom which is located at 53 High Street, Billericay Essex CM12 9AX, or by calling them on the phone on 01277 651140.

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