Green Suit Hire

If you are looking to hire a green coloured suit in the UK, there are at present twocompanies that can provide you with the perfect green coloured suit for hire. These two companies are:
  • Stephen Allen Menswear
  • Anthony Exclusive Formalwear

Stephen Allen Menswear

Stephen Allen Menswear is a suit hire company that has long years of experience in providing the best selection of suits for hire from the leading British as well as Continental brands. This company also has more than three decades of experience in this business and has earned an enviable reputation for providing the best personal care and highest quality suits for hire in the UK.

Extensive formal menswear range

Stephen Allen Menswear also has its very extensive formal menswear hire department. This is a company that also rents out green coloured suits which consist of a tail coat in green and plain waistcoat as well as striped trousers. Alternatively, it also offers to rent out green coloured frock coats with plain waistcoat and striped trousers. If you like, you can also rent out a patterned frock coat in green colour with striped trousers. You can also rent out a green coloured top hat as well as a range of waistcoats that are available in different patterns as well as shades.

Stephen Allen Menswear offers these green coloured suits for hire at very affordable prices. These suits are part of its collection of high quality formal morning as well as day wear suits. If you would like to know more about Stephen Allen Menswear, then you will need to contact the company by visiting their store in person or by calling them on the phone. The address of their store is 49 High Street, Stourbridge West Midlands DY8 1DE. Their telephone number is 0844 3511468.

Anthony Exclusive Formalwear

Anthony Exclusive Formalwear is an excellent suit hire company that can rent out high quality green suits for a very affordable price. The company has an excellent range of contemporary suits for hire which include some fresh and very exciting range of super wool and pure silk suits in Edwards as well as Tails. In addition, the company also rents out Italian silk and woollen suits in green colour.

Anthony Exclusive Formalwear is a suit hire company that looks at the concept of hiring a suit as being more than just providing the right suit for hire, but also is proud of renting out the best quality suits to help you look your striking best at an important occasion. You can hire a lime green coloured Super 120 wool Edward suit from this company at a very affordable price.This company has become first choice suit hire company for the style conscious man. You can hire an excellent range of classic suits andsome very impressive designerwearfrom this company.

There is also plenty of choice available and a wide range of suits for hire. You can contact Anthony Formalwear at their main showroom which is located at 53 High Street, Billericay Essex CM12 9AX. It is also possible to speak to the company on the phone by calling 01288 651140.

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