Grey Suit Hire

There are times when one needs to hire a grey suit. For those who need to hire a grey suit, there are presently three excellent companies that can provide you exactly what you need. The names of these three grey suit hire companies are:
  • John Francis
  • Moss Suit Hire
  • Dancers Suit Hire

John Francis

John Francis is an excellent grey suit hire company that is well known for continuously introducing new lines of suits each year. It is a company that also has a wide selection of grey suits for hire and currently offers nine different grey suits for hire. John Francis is considered the foremost suit hire company in the UK and is an especially worthwhile company because it is the best in renting out formal occasion wear. The company has a selection of suits that are sourced from premier European designers and also offers a range of matching accessories including waistcoats and cravats.

The Grey Reda is a good example of the kind of grey suits that you can hire from John Francis. This particular grey suit is made from hundred percent lightweight Italian wool and is a ¾ length suit that is available in a number of sizes. The company also rents out the Grey Cevilla suit which again is made from hundred percent lightweight Italian wool and it too is a ¾ length suit.

You can contact John Francis by calling them on the phoneon 01204 305 922. You can also visit their store at 129 131 Lea Gate, Harwood, Bolton Lancashire BL2 4BQ.

Moss Hire

Moss Hire is another good suit hire company that excels at supplying a good quality grey suit for hire. It normally rents out the Lingfield classic grey morning suit at a very affordable price. In addition, it also rents out the Wedgewood grey single-breasted four button three quarter length jacket with matching trousers for rent at a very affordable price.

You can contact this company by completing their online contact form and also by calling 0870 950 7654.

Dancers Suit Hire

Dancers Suit Hire is a wonderful option for those who wish to hire a grey suit. The company rents out a Norton grey suit that is made from lightweight mohair and which also makes for an excellent lounge suit that can be worn as a two-piece suit or it can also be coordinated with a matching waistcoat. The mohair in this suit provides a nice sheen that sets this grey suit apart from other lightweight lounge suits.

The company understands that a grey suit can make a person look very sophisticated and therefore, it has created a range of grey suits that it offers for hire. There are several options available to those who wish to hire a grey suit from this company including:
  • Pedmore men’s and boy’s grey tail coats
  • Italia men’s and boy’s Prince Edward suits
  • Norton men’s grey lounge suits
  • Chester men’s and boy’s grey suits
  • Richmonds men’s and boy’s grey tail coat
To contact the company, you can fill out their online contact form and you can also think about visiting their store at Peckingham Street, Halesowen West Midlands B63 3AR. To speak to them on the phone you will need to dial 0121 5501237.

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