Cost Of Suit Hire

Suits - at some point we will all need to wear one and when we do, the occasion is generally important. The question is does the amount of times we need a suit warrant buying one? For the vast majority of people, a suit is only needed two or three times a year if that, spending hundreds of pounds on an outfit that otherwise collects dust seems stupid. Hiring a suit provides the perfect solution and the cost of suit hire means not paying ridiculous amounts of money for what is needed purely short-term.

Once you have worn the suit two or three times it becomes tired looking and means you being seen in the same outfit time and again. Suits come in many varieties and are designed for different occasions, for example, a wedding suit will not be appropriate at a business meeting, and likewise, a business suit will not be suited to an evening ball. Going out and buying a suit for every possible occasion is not too healthy on finances, suit hire removes this problem.

The thing with suit hire is you are able to access the perfect suit for the required engagement and then hand it back once the event is over. The same can be done on the next occasion, and you will never turn up to a gathering in the same outfit twice. There is also the money factor, the cost of suit hire is much cheaper than buying and makes excellent financial sense.

What costs are involved in suit hire?

The cost of suit hire will depend on a number of factors, the main one being the shop you choose to order from. Other factors include:
  • Type of suit
  • Fabric
  • Size
  • Designer
  • Accessories
There are suits available for all occasions with a choice of hundreds of styles, colours and fabrics. The occasion for which the suit is required may affect the hire price, for example, a wedding suit which is specifically tailored will cost more to hire than a casual suit which is generally available straight from the rack. Size will also be a factor, and it is likely that a child’s suit will be priced lower than adults.   

The addition of accessories is also a requirement for many people and a tie, cravat, cufflinks or a pocket square is needed to finish off a look. These items are generally charged as extras. Some people also require the need of a waistcoat. This is particularly the case at weddings, and you should expect to pay extra for this also.

Other charges to consider when adding up the cost of suit hire include:
  • Delivery and collection charges (particularly when ordering online)
  • Insurance – to cover accidental damage
  • Dry cleaning costs
  • Tailoring- there made be a charge for suit alterations.
  • Extended hire terms
Like any other hire purchase, it is important to shop around to find a deal that is suited to you, not just in expense but also choice and size.

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