Dinner Suit Hire Prices

Hiring a dinner suit is the perfect alternative to buying; after all, what is the point of buying an outfit that can only be worn a couple of times? For the vast majority of people, evening engagements such as balls and banquets come round once or twice a year if that. Buying a suit does not exactly represent value and wearing that same bought suit time and again is frowned upon in today’s fashion conscious world. Hiring a suit means being able to choose from hundreds of styles and designs that will match the occasion perfectly and when the event is over, the suit can simply be handed back. It also means you attending every social gathering in something new and on trend, which is guaranteed to impress.  

Once the benefits of suit rental have been realised there will never be a need to buy a suit ever again. Dinner suit hire prices also provide excellent value and everything needed can be found in one place for a fraction of the cost of buying.

Dinner suit price lists

There is no set guideline for dinner suit hire prices in the UK, and the overall cost will depend on the shop you choose to hire from, the suit of choice, size and any accessories. There are also other costs to be factored in including extended hire periods, delivery and collection, insurance and dry-cleaning.

The choice of suit will be the impact most on the final cost of hire. Common dinner suits include:
  • Tuxedo
  • Tailcoats
  • Double breasted outfits
  • Single breasted outfits
Each of these will be available in different sizes, colours and fabrics. Different fabrics will be priced differently depended on the quality, for instance, velvet and silk suits will be more to hire than a cotton or linen suit. You can also expect to pay more if you opt for a designer suit.

Most shops, both on and offline will be able to provide a suit as a full package inclusive of shirt, bow tie/tie, handkerchief, cufflinks, waistcoat and cummerbund. The accessories will come in a range of choices to match the style of suit and personal preference. These accessories are optional and can be added and taken away from an order as required, there is generally an individual charge for single accessories.

Collection and delivery charges

Dinner suit hire prices for collection and delivery of a suit is, for the most part, reserved for online suit hire. There are some companies that offer this service free of charge, but you should expect to pay for the privilege. There is almost always a charge for same day and next delivery with the former set at a higher rate. Delivering outside hours is also available at a premium.

Late charges and penalties

Dinner suit hire prices may also be affected if a garment is not returned on the agreed date, or items are returned, damaged or missing. A full replacement charge is generally put in place for damaged suits, although an accidental cover is usually available for just a few pounds.

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