Dinner Suit Hire UK

When that rare invitation comes through the post inviting you to attend a luxury banquet, ball or dinner party, there can be no better way to turn up dressed to impress that with dinner suit hire. UK based suit providers are world renown for tailoring excellent suits for all occasions and hiring means you showing up in the finest threads without paying over the odds.

Hiring a suit is an excellent alternative to buying. Filling your wardrobe with stylish and fashionable suits is expensive, especially so in the case of dinner wears. The cost of a modern dinner suit can easily amount to hundreds if not thousands of pounds, and this is not only beyond many people’s financial means, but it is also inappropriate as the suit will rarely be needed.

Types of dinner suit

One thing about the dinner suit is that there is no shortage of choice, and this will become immediately clear as you begin your search for dinner suit hire. UK suppliers will stock both modern and classic suits in a wide range of colours, styles, fabrics and sizes. The most important part of the dinner suit is the jacket, and every other part of the outfit is designed to complement this item. Common types of dinner suit jacket include:
  • Single breasted  
  • Double breasted
  • Tailcoat
  • Tuxedo
Choosing from these four items with all the different colours and fabrics can be tough enough without the added extra choice of lapel. The lapels come in peaked, shawl and notched varieties and personal fashion preference will help you to decide, which is best for you. The variations of jacket do not end there and choosing from one, two, three or four buttons on both the front and the sleeves. In terms of dinner suit hire, UK based suppliers are at the forefront of design and fashion, and you may want to choose to hire a suit by a top designer such as Armani and D&G. It can be helpful to research the latest fashions before choosing your outfit, looking at your best should mean leaving no stone unturned.  

Common accessories that come with the dinner suit include bow ties, ties, pocket squares/handkerchief, cuff-links and cummerbunds. Choosing from these items may depend on the dress code of the event or once again, personal style preference.

Where to find a dinner suit

There are numerous options at your disposal when choosing dinner suit hire, the most popular is from a hire shop. Hire shops can be found up and down the UK and will allow you to see suits first hand and try on any outfits that take your fancy. Hire shop suits can also be tailored so that suit is a perfect fit.

Online stores are the other option for dinner suit hire. UK websites specialising in suit hire are plentiful and the choice of suit is vast. The benefit of being able to try suits on beforehand is not afforded with online hire, but the option is ideal for hiring at short notice.

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