Dinner Suit Hire Aberdeen

Even though Aberdeen is seen as one of the major cities of Scotland, it would be fair to say that consumers are not overwhelmed with opportunities to hire dinner suits. Instead, there are just a select few businesses that offer the service, with the following being some of the most well known in the area:
  • Aberdeen Black Tie
  • La’Orr

It appears as though a lot of formal hire businesses in Aberdeen concentrate their services on kilt hire. However, in terms of dinner suit hire the consumer certainly has a more limited choice and if one is struggling, it could be advisable to check out one of the major, national brands such as Slaters.

Aberdeen Black Tie

Aberdeen Black Tie are part of a large formalwear retailer and this means that their customers have access to a considerable catalogue of items. While it appears as though most of their business arises from direct dinner suit sales, the company do actively promote a hire service as well. At the moment, Aberdeen Black Tie have three different products in their range with prices ranging from £39 up to £55. A lot of people are impressed by the convenience of Aberdeen Black Tie’s service, with the company delivering the dinner suit directly to the customers door and also supply a postage bag for it to be returned in. Customers have fourteen days to return the item, which is also considered very long for the industry.


La’Orr are not a company who directly specialise in dinner suit hire in Aberdeen, but the focus of their business is to cater for all special occasions. Whether it is floral arrangements, wedding cars or dinner suits, this family run business are renowned for providing an efficient service to customers.  It would be fair to say that the dinner suit hire section of their business is small and very little information is supplied about it. Instead, the company encourage consumers to contact them so they can put together a custom quote depending on their demands.

Dinner Suit Hire Aberdeen Summary

It is clear to see that the dinner suit hire industry in Aberdeen is small and consumers may struggle to find a company to cater for their demands. Out of the two companies highlighted above, Aberdeen Black Tie appears the most reasonable for the simple reason that they are open with their prices and also provide customers with various benefits such as free delivery.

Of course, with so little choice, it could be advisable for customers to look further afield. As discussed earlier, there are several major companies that provide a dinner suit hire service across the country. Firms such as Slaters and Moss Hire are examples and unlike the local companies that have been looked at above, the consumer generally has more choice in regards to brands. However, these firms are usually more expensive and for this reason, it is definitely worth attempting to hire from a local company if it is possible.

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