Dinner Suit Hire Belfast

The people of Belfast are in the fortunate position of having a large number of dinner suit hire retailers in their city. In comparison to other cities, it appears as though Belfast has fewer major stores offering a dinner suit hire service and instead the city relies on local retailers. This of course has several advantages, with many of these retailers having long histories that mean they are highly trusted in the region.

The companies listed below are seen as some of the big players in the Belfast region:
  • Northend Dress Hire
  • Balmoral Dress Hire
  • Ludlow Suit and Dress Hire

Northend Dress Hire

Northend Dress Hire has been in business for over twenty years and have become one of the best value options for suit hire in Belfast. At the moment, the company just have the one dinner suit in its range although it has proved a very popular garment, with the price being just £29.99. Northend Dress Hire do not accept bookings over the internet and ask that customers visit their shop in County Antrim to make an order.

Balmoral Dress Hire

Balmoral Dress Hire are actually part of the same brand as the previous firm, although they are based in a different part of Belfast. Needless to say, most of the details regarding Balmoral Dress Hire are the same, with a typical dinner suit package costing just £29.99.

Ludlow Suit and Dress Hire

Ludlow Suit and Dress Hire are another experienced business in Belfast, with the company first opening its doors over twenty three years ago. It would be fair to say that their range is slightly more extensive than the previous two firms, although Ludlow Suit and Dress Hire do not publish prices and instead ask customers to visit them at their store in the BT9 postcode area.

Major Providers of Dinner Suits in Belfast

As stated earlier, it would be fair to say that the dinner suit hire market in Glasgow is dominated by local retailers. There is little room for the high street brands, with the following being examples of the few national stores that can be found on the streets of Belfast:
  • Youngs Hire – Just like the vast majority of Youngs Hire outlets, their store in Belfast is situated in the city’s Debenhams shop.
  • Moss Bros –Moss Bros don’t actually have a store situated centrally in Belfast, although the nearest one is located less than 20 miles away.

Dinner Suit Hire Belfast Summary

It is clear to see that if one is looking to hire a dinner suit in Belfast, the best option is to undoubtedly look at some of the local retailers. While some cities rely on the internet and high street brands, Belfast is awash with small companies that offer the service. Furthermore, and as explained through the three examples above, most of these companies have long and fruitful histories. This means that all are most likely very reliable firms that are held in high stature in the city.

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