Dinner Suit Hire Edinburgh

Just like a lot of other areas in Scotland, there is something of a limited market for dinner suit hire in Edinburgh. This is seemingly because a lot of companies simply concentrate their business on kilt hire and do not provide any options for dinner suits. Still, in comparison with places such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh has a few more options for dinner suit hire and customers should easily be able to locate a garment.

It is worth mentioning that consumers should always be wary at certain times of the year, such as around summer time when the university semester ends. At this period there is often a big demand for dinner suit hire and supplies in Edinburgh could be low.

At the moment, the following companies are seen as some of the most renowned providers of dinner suits in Edinburgh:
  • Edinburgh Black Tie
  • Klassic Kilts

Edinburgh Black Tie

Edinburgh Black Tie operate under a company who provide a dinner suit hire service throughout the whole of Scotland. Bearing this in mind, it is fair to say that the firm is established and definitely trustworthy. At the moment, Edinburgh Black Tie have three packages available for hire, with customers paying £39, £45 or £55 depending on their requirements. To make the company even more appealing, customers benefit from a free delivery service meaning that they are caused absolutely no inconvenience when receiving or dropping off the suit.

Klassic Kilts

As the name suggests, Klassic Kilts specialise in hiring kilts out to the Edinburgh region. However, they do have a small section for dinner suit hire and the service appears very similar to the previous company. Customers will pay £39.90 for a package containing four different garments, while this can be enhanced with extra pieces of clothing such as a collar shirt for £10 extra. On the downside, the delivery schedule is more restrictive.

Other Dinner Suit Hire Sources in Edinburgh

With the selection for dinner suit hire being somewhat limited in Edinburgh, some consumers may wish to try other sources. Fortunately, there are many national companies that offer a dinner suit hire service, with Slaters and Moss Hire being two of the big players in the industry. Generally, users will have a lot more variety to choose from when going with these large companies, although sometimes prices can be a little more.

Dinner Suit Hire Edinburgh Summary

It appears as though most companies in Scotland tend to specialise in kilt hire, meaning that Scottish nationals can sometimes struggle to locate dinner suits. Fortunately, there are slightly more options in Edinburgh in comparison with other Scottish areas and consumers should always be able to get hold of garments. Of course, if there is a problem in locating a dinner suit, consumers can always turn to some of the larger, national firms, although it should be advised that they are generally more expensive. Another word of caution relates to the “peak” hire times, with supplies of dinner hire suits in Edinburgh always being low in the months of June and July due to university needs.

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