Dinner Suit Hire Glasgow

Even though Glasgow is seen as a major hub for business, entertainment and education, there are still very few local companies that offer a dinner suit hire service in the region. Just like most parts of Scotland, consumers generally have to rely on the major brands to satisfy their dinner suit hire demands. Alternatively, some consumers are turning to less conventional routes such as online marketplaces, which are starting to offer more affordable solutions for the service.

Of course, there are a select few local companies who offer the service in Glasgow, with the following being some of the most well-known:
  • Kilts 4 U
  • Gilt Edged

Kilts 4 U

Even though the name suggests otherwise, Kilts 4 U do not simply specialise in kilts but also dinner suits. At the moment, there are sixteen products available in the company’s catalogue, giving consumers a vast choice. On the downside, prices are not advertised and it’s thought that the firm attempt to piece together custom packages for their customers.

Gilt Edged

Boasting over 43 years of experience in the dinner suit hire industry, it would be fair to say that Gilt Edged have become extremely established in the Glasgow region. Unlike the above company, Gilt Edged conducts most of their business through their store in Glasgow and advertises very few products on their website. However, the firm do cater for all types of events, with school proms, graduations and business occasions being just a few that are mentioned.

Other Dinner Suit Hire Companies for Glasgow

As indicated above, there are very few local businesses that offer dinner suit hire in Glasgow. Instead, a lot of people simply rely on the major national brands, with Moss Bros, Slaters and Youngs Hire all being examples. All of these companies provide their customers with a huge choice of dinner suits and due to the constant demand for these items in Glasgow, it is usually very easy to hire them. Supplies are generally high and if the consumer cannot locate the suit they require, most of the major companies will be happy to order one from their other stores across the country.

For those people who would like to attempt to save a little money, there are other avenues that can be taken. In recent times eBay has become a good location to hire dinner suits and companies are often selling their items for much less than some of the big brands.

Dinner Suit Hire Glasgow Summary

It is clear to see that there are very few local businesses who supply dinner suits for hire in Glasgow. Instead, most consumers seemingly rely on the major brands, which obviously brings benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, there is a huge variety of suits to choose from, but on the other hand prices can sometimes be slightly higher. For those people wishing to save money, the eBay route should certainly be considered as consumers are usually paying less than £30 to hire their garment.

Dinner Suit Hire Glasgow

The size of Glasgow would suggest that there would be many local companies offering a dinner suit hire service. However, this is not the case and instead, most residents of Glasgow have to rely on the big players of the high street. The small selection of local firms in the market in Glasgow tend to concentrate more on kilts, meaning that those requiring a dinner suit have a somewhat limited choice.

Out of the few local companies who do offer dinner suits for hire in Glasgow, the following are seen as some of the most established in the region:
  • Gilt Edged
  • ACS Clothing
  • Kilt Pin

Gilt Edged

Gilt Edged are situated right in the centre of Glasgow, making them easily accessible for all. With over forty three years of experience in the dinner suit hire industry, they certainly hold the expertise required to succeed in the market. The company offer dinner suits for all types of events although they will only accept orders in store and will not allow customers to make purchases through their website.

ACS Clothing

ACS Clothing are not located as conveniently as the previous company, with the firm part of the G69 postcode region. However, their service is very similar and they allow their dinner suits to be hired for a variety of events. ACS Clothing claim to have a unique catalogue, meaning that consumers will always be able to find the most suitable garment.

Kilt Pin

Kilt Pin are seen as one of the largest and most established companies in the market in Scotland and their success can be highlighted though the “Scotland’s Top Groomswear Company” award they picked up only recently. While the name suggests otherwise, Kilt Pin do cater for all types of menswear and their dinner suit range is very extensive. They have a wide range of options for customers to choose, with prices starting at £34.95. Furthermore, they conveniently accept orders through their website.

Other Dinner Suit Hire Providers in Glasgow

The above has mainly concentrated on the local dinner suit hire companies in Glasgow. However, it goes without saying that there are a lot of national firms that operate on the high streets, with the following being examples:
  • Moss Bros – This company currently have two stores in Glasgow, with one situated just outside the city centre, while the other is on the outskirts.
  • Slaters – Slaters have just the one shop, although this is situated extremely centrally and sits on one of the main streets of the city.
  • Youngs Hire – Youngs Hire have two bases in the city, with one situated in a Debenhams outlet in the Silverburn Shopping Centre while the other is in a Debenhams store just outside of Glasgow.

Dinner Suit Hire Glasgow

As highlighted, Glasgow does not have too many local firms that offer a reliable dinner suit hire service. Instead, residents of the city generally have to turn to the major high street brands, which are fortunately dotted in different areas of the region.

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