Dinner Suit Hire Hampshire

Hampshire is home to many local dinner suit hire companies, meaning that residents in the county should have very few problems in locating such garments. Furthermore, the county also has several big brands dotted around the high streets, which again adds to the selection that consumers have.

The three companies listed below are seen as some of the most established dinner suit hire providers in Hampshire:
  • Grooms Hire
  • Black Tie Hire
  • TC Chesterfield

Grooms Hire

Grooms Hire have been in operation since 1987, which shows just how much knowledge they have of the dinner suit hire industry in Hampshire. The company currently offer nine different types of dinner suit, with examples being standard black tie, dice and glitter versions. Grooms Hire are based in Southampton and rather than accepting online orders, they ask that customers visit their store for a full fitting service.

Black Tie Hire

Even though Black Tie Hire are based in Berkshire, the company make every effort to cover other counties and Hampshire is part of their range. The company offer a good selection of dinner suits, with prices starting from £29.95. Black Tie Hire are flexible in regards to ordering and while they are happy to have customers come and visit them in their store, they have also made available self-measuring forms that can make ordering a very quick process.

TC Chesterfield

TC Chesterfield are another firm in the Hampshire region that have a long history. The firm was first established in 1913 and have since gone on to be a big player in the Hampshire dinner suit hire industry. Furthermore, prices for this company appear very similar to the rest of the industry, with consumers paying around £30 to hire a dinner suit. The company do not accept orders over the internet and instead demand that customers book an appointment at their outlet in Lasham.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Hampshire

As well as countless local firms, there are also national brands that can be found on the high streets of Hampshire. The following are examples of these companies:
  • Slaters–Slaters have one outlet in Hampshire, with this being in Basingstoke.
  • Moss Bros – With Moss Bros being one of the biggest suppliers of dinner suits in the country, it will be no surprise to hear that there are many of their stores in Hampshire. Locations include Winchester, Basingstoke and Farnham.
  • Youngs Hire – In comparison with other areas, there are fewer Youngs Hire outlets based around Hampshire. However, one can still find their stores in places such as Portsmouth and South Sea.

Dinner Suit Hire Hampshire Summary

It would be fair to say that there is a good choice for those people looking to hire a dinner suit in Hampshire. There are many local companies offering this service, with most of these firms having long histories that highlights how reliable they have become. Furthermore, there are a select few national high street brands that can be found in the area, which again enhances choice.

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