Dinner Suit Hire Hull

In comparison with many other regions across the United Kingdom, Hull has fewer local retailers offering a dinner suit hire service. Instead, people in the area generally look towards the national firms, which are much easier to access and can be found across the city’s high street.

For those people who would prefer to shop with a local outlet, the following establishments are some of the most used in the Hull area:
  • Len Beck
  • Something Special Hull
  • Clermont Direct

Len Beck

Len Beck have been established for many years, with the company first opening their doors in 1935. This of course means they have a superb reputation across Hull and are widely seen as the most recognised provider of dinner suits in the area. The company have a wide range of dinner suits available, with the likes of Ben Sherman, Farah and Double Two being just several companies that manufacture their garments. The firm are located just outside of the city centre, on Endyke Lake.

Something Special Hull

It would be fair to say that Something Special Hull mostly concentrate on the wedding industry. However, they have a small menswear section and considering the small local market in Hull, many people opt to utilise this company. Their prices for dinner suit hire appear similar to the rest of the industry, with the base package costing just £39.95. At the moment, customers can order wedding related garments online, but the dinner suit internet service is not yet functional and interested parties will have to visit the store to make an order.

Clermont Direct

A lot of people in Hull are starting to turn to the internet to hire their dinner suit garments. One company that covers the Hull area is Clermont Direct and with this firm offering a delivery and collection service, many people simply use them out of convenience. At the moment, Clermont Direct offer three types of dinner suits for hire, with the base package starting at £39.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Hull

Hull actually contains more of the major brands that most areas of the UK. Examples of these retailers include:
  • Slaters – Slaters have one store in Hull, with this being sat on the city’s main high street.
  • Youngs Hire – Similarly, the Youngs Hire chain also have the ones store, with this situated in the Debenhams outlet on Prospect Street.
  • 1860 Greenwoods – 1860 Greenwoods have a large shop in Hull, with this being situated in the HU1 postcode area.

Dinner Suit Hire Hull Summary

It could be said that the people of Hull have little choice in relation to dinner suit hire, with very few local retailers offering the service. As the above has highlighted, most individuals will turn to either the internet or the national retailers, with many of these being based in Hull’s city centre. It is worth mentioning that while Hull is home to many of the nation’s big brands, there is currently no Moss Bros store, which appears strange considering their hold on the market.

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