Dinner Suit Hire Kent

With Kent sat just on the outskirts of London, it goes without saying that there is always a big demand for dinner suit hire. Luckily, customers looking for such a service have plenty of options, with Kent having many local firms. Furthermore, there are several of the national brands dotted around the county, giving consumers a great variety of choice.

The following three companies are seen as some of the most renowned firms offering a dinner suit hire service in Kent:
  • Penguin Rentals
  • Lapel Mens Hire
  • Canterbury Suit Hire

Penguin Rentals

Penguin Rentals appears to be one of the oldest providers of dinner suits, with the company being established for over 175 years. They specialise in all areas of suit hire, with their dinner suits range being highly extensive. Bearing in mind the size of their collection, it will be no surprise to hear that the company’s prices vary drastically. Some packages can cost just £39.95, while other options can cost as much as £147. Even though Penguin Rentals publish a full list of prices, they still ask that customers visit their shop in Chatham so they can be fully measured.

Lapel Mens Hire

Lapel Mens Hire are based in Maidstone and also offer a very good range of dinner suits. Just like the previous company, Lapel Mens Hire do not accept any internet orders but still publish a list of prices. These prices also appear very competitive, with some dinner suits costing as little as £34.95.

Canterbury Suit Hire

As the name suggests, this company are based in the Canterbury region although still service most of Kent. The company conduct very little business online and instead look to focus more attention on their store. However, they do publish prices, with the cheapest dinner suit costing £34.95.

Major Providers of Dinner Suits for Kent

There are many national companies that provide a dinner suit hire service in Kent. The county does not benefit from a 1860 Greenwoods branch, but that is the only major company that is missing from the region’s high streets. The following firms are based in the area:
  • Youngs Hire – This company has numerous stores dotted around the region, with the majority being placed in Debenhams stores.
  • Slaters – There is just one Slaters store located in Kent, with this appearing in Canterbury.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros currently have three stores in the county, located in Ashford, Maidstone and Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Dinner Suit Hire Kent Summary

As highlighted above, the people of Kent are in the fortunate position of having many companies to choose from for dinner suit hire. There are many local firms offering the service, with most charging a similar price of between £30 and £40. There are of course several national companies offering a dinner suit hire business, with Youngs Hire, Slaters and Moss Bros all having at least one branch in the county. There is no 1860 Greenwoods branch, which seems strange, but considering the other options available this is not too much of a hindrance.

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