Dinner Suit Hire Leeds

With Leeds being one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, it will be no surprise to hear that there are plenty of dinner suit hire firms in the area. Whether it be for school proms, business occasions or weddings, there are a large number of local firms in Leeds which provide very good dinner suit hire services.

Of course, should one not be satisfied with the local companies in Leeds, there are many other national firms that should be considered. However, for now, the following firms are seen as some of the most established local providers in the area:
  • Oakwood Tailors
  • Yorkshire Menswear
  • Top Mark

Oakwood Tailors

Oakwood Tailors are a dinner suit hire company who possess over 45 years of experience in the industry. The firm have a large catalogue available for consumers to explore, with prices for dinner suits being advertised between £40 and £55. Unlike some companies, Oakwood Tailors require all customers to come in before the event for fitting.

Yorkshire Menswear

Yorkshire Menswear specialise in a variety of different garments, including dinner suits, formal wear and even highland wear. The company cater for both men and boys, with sizes ranging between 20xs to 60xl. In terms of pricing, Yorkshire Menswear appear to be slightly more expensive than other companies in the industry, with their standard dinner suit costing £49 to hire.

Top Mark

Even though they are based in Pontefract, Top Mark still serve the Leeds market and are seen as a big player in the area. They have a vast array of suits to choose from and the price for a standard dinner suit is slightly lower than the previous firm, with Top Mark charging £45. The company are renowned for promoting various special offers, with one of the popular ones being the “hire four and get the fifth free” promotion.

Other Dinner Suit Hire Providers for Leeds

While all of the above companies have raving reputations, some people would simply prefer to hire from some of the more established brands. Such companies include Moss Bros and Slaters, with these firms supplying consumers with a big catalogue of suits to choose from. In comparison with the above local companies, these national firms operate on similar pricing models meaning that consumers have a brilliant market to choose from. It is very easy for the people of Leeds to locate both of these stores, with Slaters having two branches in the city while Moss Bros have the one.

Dinner Suit Hire Leeds Summary

In comparison with other areas in the United Kingdom, there is no doubt that Leeds is blessed with plenty of options for dinner suit hire. There are many local firms that consumers can look at, while if they wish to explore other avenues they can of course take a look at some of the national companies with both Moss Bros and Slaters holding branches across the city. Most companies offer a similar type of service, meaning all of the choice sits directly with the customer.

Dinner Suit Hire Leeds

Leeds has been one of the UK’s biggest cities for business for many years and this means that there is always a demand for dinner suit hire. Fortunately, there are many companies offering a dinner suit hire service and the people of Leeds certainly have a large selection to choose from.

The following are examples of local companies who offer such a service in the Leeds area:
  • Charles Mobile Tailor
  • Carl Stuart Bespoke Tailor
  • Keith James Menswear

Charles Mobile Tailor

As the name suggests, this company is slightly different to the average dinner suit hire business as they are completely mobile. With over forty five years of experience, this policy obviously works though and they should most certainly be considered. Customers using this service will simply arrange an appointment for an expert to come around to their home and take measurements, before then waiting for the suit to be delivered at their convenience. Once the hire period is over, the suit is then collected meaning that the customer has absolutely no hassle to cope with. The firm mainly deal with the Cameron Ross brand of dinner suits, meaning that customers are also guaranteed an extremely quality set of garments.

Carl Stuart Bespoke Tailor

Having first opened its doors over forty years ago, there is no doubting the vast experience that Carl Stuart Bespoke Tailor possesses. The company currently have two stores, with one based in Wakefield while the other is just down the road in the nearby town of Huddersfield. Carl Stuart Bespoke Tailor claim to cater for every type of event and have a huge variety of sizes available, ranging from 22 to 56. Unfortunately, the company do not publish an online catalogue and instead recommend customers to contact one of their branches to make an appointment for a fitting session.

Keith James Menswear

Keith James Menswear have been offering dinner suits for hire since 1972, proving that they are another established company in the Leeds region. Even though they have just the one store, the company have an incredible 5000 clients which again highlights just how recognised they have become. It would be fair to say that prices are exceptionally competitive as well, with a standard dinner suit costing just £32 to hire. Unfortunately, the company do not conduct any business online although considering the brand that they have managed to build in Leeds, they should definitely be worth visiting.

Dinner Suit Hire Leeds Summary

Just like most major cities in the United Kingdom, Leeds has a huge variety of establishments that cater for dinner suit hire. Many of these businesses are traditional local ones that have been in operation for many years, which obviously eases a few worries for some customers. For those who would prefer to use a more renowned brand, Leeds of course is home to many of the national companies and these can be found on its high street. However, considering the reputations that some of the above local companies arrive with, it could be advisable to hire with them.

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