Dinner Suit Hire Leicester

Even though Leicester is a major UK city, it would be fair to say that the region does not boast a huge amount of choice for those people looking for dinner suit hire. While there are several branches of the major suppliers of dinner suits, there appears to be few local companies offering the service and this means that choice is somewhat limited in comparison with other areas.

At the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the most recognised providers of dinner suits in the Leicester region:
  • The Wedding Hire Company
  • Philip James Menswear
  • Christopher Scotney

The Wedding Hire Company

Even though the name of this firm suggests otherwise, The Wedding Hire Company do specialise in other fields of formal hire other than weddings. This includes a dinner suit hire service, with the company currently advertising four different styles of outfit. It costs £40 for their basic hire package, while those requiring a dress shirt and bow tie as well will pay £55. It is worth mentioning that the quality of these dinner suits is incredibly high, with all of them costing over £300 to buy outright.

Philip James Menswear

Philip James Menswear have over twenty five years of experience in the industry, highlighting how well thought of they are in the Leicester region. The company have a large catalogue of dinner suits, although they ask that all customers visit their store for a full fitting session rather than taking online orders. The company also offer a delivery and collection service, although this is only available to local clients.

Christopher Scotney

Christopher Scotney primarily specialise in the sale of menswear. However, they do have a hire service as well and this has proved very popular, with customers keen to take advantage of the high quality garments that the company stock. Unlike the majority of companies in the area, Christopher Scotneyallow customers to order their dinner suits online.

Other Dinner Suite Hire Providers for Leicester

As mentioned previously, many of the big high street brands have outlets across Leicester, with the following being examples:
  • Greenwoods 1860 – This company have one store in the Leicester area, with this being based on Market Street in the city centre.
  • Youngs Hire – Like the majority of Youngs Hire branches, this is located in a Debenhams store in the centre of Leicester.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros also have the one outlet located in the area and again this is situated centrally.

Dinner Suit Hire Leicester Summary

As the above has highlighted, there are few local companies offering a reliable dinner suit hire service in Leicester. Instead, most residents of the city have to rely on the big brands, with Greenwoods 1860, Youngs Hire and Moss Bros all having stores across the region. It is worth mentioning that another big high street company, Slaters, do not yet have a store in Leicester which again means the choice is limited for the area. Bearing the above in mind, it is certainly worth booking in advance at any establishment if one requires a dinner suit for a special occasion.

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