Dinner Suit Hire Lincoln

Out of all of the areas in the UK, it could be argued that Lincoln has the fewest amount of options in relation to dinner suit hire. There are barely any local retailers offering the service, meaning that a lot of people look to shop in other areas in Lincolnshire. For this reason, it is definitely worth booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

With the choice in Lincoln being so restrictive, it is worth looking at several of the companies that residents of the area generally turn to:
  • Mobile Hire Attire
  • Pronuptia Grimsby
  • Formally Yours

Mobile Hire Attire

As the name suggests, Mobile Hire Attire do not have a store but instead make their whole service mobile. This means that they will visit a custom for a fitting session, before then delivering the suit and then arranging for collection. This results in the whole process of hiring a dinner suit being exceptionally smooth and there is no inconvenience on behalf of the customer.

Pronuptia Grimsby

It is quite obvious to see from the name of this company that they are not based in Lincoln, but instead operate from Grimsby which is a short distance away. Many people in Lincoln opt to use this company as they are seen as one of the more established and luxurious providers of dinner suits in the region. They stock suits manufactured by the top designers, although unlike the previous firm, the customer has to visit their store to make a booking with no orders accepted online.

Formally Yours

This company is very similar to the first one looked at, in the way that all business is conducted online. Formally Yours arrange for garments to be delivered from a customer, which again takes away all of the aggravation associated with hiring a dinner suit. The firm go against the industry standard and charge the same price for all dinner suits, with customers paying £57 plus the £5 delivery and collection fee.

Major Providers of Dinner Suits in Lincoln

Unfortunately, the choice of national suppliers of dinner suits in Lincoln is also low. At the moment, the city just contains two of the high street retailers, with Moss Bros and Slaters notably not having a store in the area. The following national companies currently hold outlets in Lincoln:
  • Youngs Hire – YoungsHire have one shop in Lincoln, with this being situated in the Debenhams store on St Marks Street.
  • 1860 Greenwoods – This company also have one branch in the city, with this being right in the heart of Lincoln’s city centre.

Dinner Suit Hire Lincoln Summary

Despite its size, Lincoln has a surprisingly small number of retailers who offer a dinner suit hire service. For this reason, most residents of the city generally turn their attention to other nearby areas, with Grimsby having a few stores that offer a good hire service, for example. Even more surprising is the number of national stores in Lincoln, with Youngs Hire and 1860 Greenwoods being the only two major retailers that can be found in the city at the moment.

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