Dinner Suit Hire Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the UK’s most thriving cities and recent investment means that it has developed significantly in recent years. This means that there are more opportunities for suit hire companies and over recent times more have appeared on the Liverpool high street. While a lot of people from other areas have to rely on some of the big, national brands for their dinner suit hire, Liverpool has an avalanche of local businesses that supply such a service.

The following three companies are seen as some of the most recognised in the dinner suit hire industry in Liverpool:
  • Cain of Heswall
  • Groom Hire
  • Captivating Brides

Cain of Heswall

Cain of Heswall are a family run business who have been offering suit hire services in Liverpool and the surrounding areas since 1957. Since their formation, their business has increased emphatically in size and this perhaps highlights just how highly thought of the company is in Liverpool. The firm supply a range of different suits although customers are required to visit the shop in order to get fitted and get quoted on a price.

Groom Hire

While the name of this company may suggest that they only specialise in the wedding market, this is not the case and Groom Hire will be happy to supply standard dinner suits for hire. The company are seen as one of the most established in the Liverpool area although they also own several stores that are based just outside the city. They are currently able to offer customers four different collections of dinner jacket, with prices available on request. It is worth mentioning that Groom Hire are always running special offers and students should note that discounts can be obtained if a valid student card is presented to a branch.

Captivating Brides

Similarly to above, Captivating Brides are not simply targeted to the wedding market but they also provide dinner suit hire. Unlike the previous two firms, Captivating Brides provide their customers with an extensive list of prices and on first look, these certainly appear competitive. For example, the same-day hire of a dinner jacket suit, wing collar shirt and dickie bow will cost the customer just £40. The company also seem to tailor packages to certain events, with an example of such a service being their ‘Prom Suit Hire’ deal which allows students to hire a full dinner suit package for £45.

Dinner Suit Hire Liverpool Summary

There is no doubt that consumers in Liverpool have a vast array of local businesses available who offer dinner suit hire. It is worth mentioning that many companies in Liverpool trade under a name that is related to weddings, probably because this is their main source of business. However, a lot of the time these firms will cater for other events and it will be possible to hire standard dinner suits as well. Furthermore, if for whatever reason none of these companies can satisfy the demands of a customer, people can always turn to the large brands such as Moss Bros and Slaters.

Dinner Suit Hire Liverpool

Liverpool is one city that certainly does not have a shortage of local businesses offering dinner suit hire. The city is home to many companies who have years and years of colourful history, meaning that the people of the city do not have to rely on the national, high street brands. With that being said, the city still does have major providers of dinner suits, meaning that the end consumer has a huge choice.

At the moment, the following three firms are seen as some of the most recognised local suppliers of dinner suits for hire in Liverpool:
  • Special Daze
  • Attire Menswear
  • Groom Hire

Special Daze

It would be fair to say that Special Daze focus most of their attention on women’s clothing, although the company still have plenty of dinner suits available to hire. They get all of their stock from Ultimate Formal Hire, meaning that all of their garments are of very good quality. All business is conducted offline, with customers unable to place any orders for hire on the company’s website.

Attire Menswear

Attire Menswear have been in business for over twenty years, highlighting just how much expertise they have in the dinner suit hire industry. The company currently have two showrooms, with one based in Wirral and the other in Liverpool itself. At the moment, the firm have five different types of suits available to hire, although they also don’t accept any business through their website. Instead, customers have to visit their store and obtain a full measurement from one of the company’s representatives.

Groom Hire

The name of this company suggests that they only offer wedding garments for hire, yet this is not the case and customers can also hire dinner suits. The firm have stores dotted all around the North West, although their most convenient outlet for Liverpool residents will obviously be the one situated in the city centre. Just like the previous two companies, Groom Hire do not allow sales through their website and customers again have to attend one of their stores. Consumers should be aware of the special offers that can be obtained from Groom Hire as well, with students in particular able to make big savings.

Major Dinner Suit Hire Providers for Liverpool

As well as the local companies, Liverpool is also home of many of the big high street brands with the following companies having stores in the city:
  • 1860 Suit Hire
  • Slaters
  • Moss Bros

Dinner Suit Hire Liverpool Summary

It is clear to see that Liverpool is full of local companies who are able to provide a dinner suit hire service. Unlike some areas, a lot of these firms are quite traditional in their methods and while they may have websites, they do not allow customers to order through them and instead ask them to get properly measured. On the other side of the coin, all of the major high street companies have a store in Liverpool, meaning that residents of the region have access to countless firms offering dinner suit hire.

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