Dinner Suit Hire London

Being the capital of the United Kingdom, it will be no surprise to hear that there is an absolutely huge demand for dinner suit hire in London. With all the businesses and educational establishments around in London, there needs to be a constant supply of the garments. Fortunately, the capital offers many options and even if one does not want to shop at any of the large, national firms, there are many smaller businesses in London who provide a reliable hire service. In comparison to other cities in the United Kingdom, it is exceptionally easy to get hold of a dinner suit and the advantage really does sit with the consumer.

At the moment, it could be said that the following companies are seen as some of the most established dinner suit hire brands in the London area:
  • Hire Society
  • Jo McLaren Formal Wear
  • Jakes of London

Hire Society

Hire Society are seen as one of the leading supplies of dinner suits in London and they offer consumers a very efficient service that appears cheap as well. Unlike a lot of companies, Hire Society require all orders to be made online or over the phone, meaning that the customer will not get the chance to try their suit on. The company claim that there are very few problems with sizing and they get the correct size 96% of the time. A standard dinner suit from the firm will cost £34, which appears exceptionally good value when compared to even other cities in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, customers not only have the suit delivered to their door, but a courier picks the garment up meaning that there is absolutely no hassle involved.

Jo McLaren Formal Wear

Jo McLaren Formal Wear are another accomplished business in the London area although it appears as though this company charge slightly more than Hire Society. For example, a 2-piece black dinner suit will cost £50 to hire, with this increasing to £65 if the customer decides to take the 3-piece package. Furthermore, customers are required to hire the item at the store in London, with very little business being conducted online.

Jakes of London

Having first opened its doors in 1986, it would be fair to say that Jakes of London possesses considerable experience in the dinner suit hire industry. Just like Hire Society, they allow their customers to conduct most transactions solely online and arrange for free delivery and free pick up of all suits. Prices do seem a little more expensive than both of the above companies though, with the general cost for a dinner suit being around £65.

Dinner Suit Hire London Summary

It will come as no surprise to most people to see that the market for dinner suit hire in London is much more flooded. While in some cities people may have to resort to using major brands, most people in London should be able to find a dinner suit for hire through a local business. However, it is definitely worth shopping around, with the above three example companies showing how varied prices can be.

Dinner Suit Hire London

All of the attractions, businesses and educational establishments mean that people are constantly needing to hire dinner suits in London. Fortunately, there are more than enough companies to match the demand, with consumers always having a wide choice. As well as all of the major companies, London is also home to a lot of local firms with the following being several of the most established in the city:
  • Tux N Tails
  • Rent A Suit
  • Formal Hire London

Tux N Tails

With over sixty years of experience in the dinner suit hire industry, there is absolutely no doubting how accomplished Tux N Tails have become. It would be fair to say that most of their suit range is targeted at the premium customer, with most of their garments being made by well respected designers. This obviously means that it can cost slightly more than the average to hire a suit, with most costing around £60. It’s also worth mentioning that while a lot of Tux N Tails catalogue can be found online, they are primarily an offline firm and require customers to come to their store and get fitted.

Rent A Suit

Rent A Suit are seen as one of the most efficient dinner suit hire companies in London and pride themselves on their efficiency. They have a huge range of dinner suits available in their catalogue and encourage customers to make orders online to speed up the process. In terms of pricing, the company seem to operate on a model that is on par with the rest of the industry with their base dinner suit costing £40. As part of this price, delivery and collection are free although if the customer requires the suit on the same day, they can pay £14.99 for this privilege.

Formal Hire London

Formal Hire London have over fourteen years of experience, making them another favourite for those looking to hire dinner suits in London. Unlike Rent A Suit, Formal Hire London focus more attention on their stores in Notting Hill and near Great Russell Street and require customers to get measured before hiring an item. This means that no orders are processed online, although consumers are encouraged to browse the company’s catalogue which, at the moment, has a fairly small dinner suit selection.

Dinner Suit Hire London Summary

Unsurprisingly, consumers have plenty of choice when it comes to hiring a dinner suit in the capital. As the above has shown, there are numerous local businesses offering rental services, although the policies for each are different with some preferring to concentrate the main core of their business on the internet while others will ask the customer to come into the shop for a full fitting session. Of course, if none of these local firms are suitable, there are many of the national companies that offer very good dinner suit hire services in London. The likes of Slaters and Moss Bros have numerous shops placed around the capital, adding to the choice the consumer has.

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