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Most major cities are blessed with a lot of dinner suit hire businesses, although unfortunately there are very few located in Manchester. While the city does benefit from all of the major brands, local companies are difficult to find and this means that supplies of dinner suits in Manchester can get quite low. For this reason, it is always worth booking well in advanced at any retailer.

The following companies are seen as some of the most recognised local providers of dinner suits in the Manchester area:
  • John Francis
  • Swarbricks
  • Aults Menswear

John Francis

John Francis are one of the most well known brands in Manchester, with the firm currently holding two showrooms in Bolton and Chorley. The company have a huge catalogue of hire suits and now have seven different types of suits available. While John Francis are making advancements in the online side of their business, they still require customers to visit one of their shops for a fitting session before they accept a booking.


Swarbricks hold thirty years of experience in the dinner suit hire industry and currently have one showroom available for customers to visit. Just like the previous firm, Swarbricks do not accept any online bookings, with customers having to arrange an appointment at their showroom to try one of their dinner suits.

Aults Menswear

Aults Menswear are a company that are based in Bolton but still service the Manchester region. They claim to be one of the oldest companies in the region, having first started offering their services all the way back in 1891. Similarly to the above two companies, Aults Menswear ask that all customers visit them for a fitting session before hiring a package.

Major Dinner Suit Hire Providers in Manchester

The above highlighted some of the smaller, less commercial, companies that trade in the Manchester area. On the flip side, some people decide to hire their garments from larger companies. Examples of these firms in Manchester include:
  • Moss Bros – This company have one branch in Manchester, with this located in the Trafford Centre.
  • Slaters – This firm also have the one store in the city, with this located on Brown Street in the M2 postcode area.
  • Youngs Hire – Youngs Hire are another of the major firms that have just the one store in the city, with this being situated in Debenhams in the Trafford Centre.

Dinner Suit Hire Manchester Summary

In conclusion, Manchester has a surprisingly small selection of local companies that provide dinner suit hire. As the three examples above showed, a lot of these firms seem quite traditional in their methods as well, with many asking that the customer comes in for a full fitting session rather than allowing online orders. For this reason, some of the national firms certainly have a big advantage in Manchester and are able to attract a lot of custom. Slaters, Moss Bros and Youngs Hire all have branches in Manchester, meaning that the local people at least have some choice for their dinner suit requirements.

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