Dinner Suit Hire Manchester

While some people may struggle to hire dinner suits in their city, there are no such problems in Manchester with the city having many businesses offering the service. People can quite easily pop along to the high street and locate one of these companies, although a lot are now tending to conduct most of their business online.

At the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the biggest providers of dinner suits in the Manchester region:
  • Swarbricks
  • Best Man Hire
  • John Douglas Menswear


Swarbricks have been in business for over thirty years, highlighting just how much experience they hold in the industry. Unlike a lot of dinner suit hire companies, customers of Swarbricks will have to attend their shop in Manchester to complete an order with no full transactions being accepted over the internet. With that being said, consumers can provisionally book an item although the order will not be completed until they collect it in the Manchester store. At the moment, Swarbricks currently stock twelve types of dinner suits.

Best Man Hire

Best Man Hire are another experienced company, with over twenty four years in the industry. Contrary to what their name suggests, Best Man Hire do not cater just for the wedding market but also extend their services for other types of suit hire. With the company currently having three stores, they require customers to come in and make an order. They do publish a list of prices though, with customers paying between £40 and £65 depending on the type of dinner suit they wish to hire.

John Douglas Menswear

This company may be based in Macclesfield, but they cover a whole host of other regions including Manchester. Once again, John Douglas Menswear can only be classed as another of Manchester’s hugely experience dinner suit hire firms, with the company boasting over forty five years of experience in the industry.  They have dinner suits for all different occasions and with their store being fitted over three different floors, they are another company based around the Manchester area that should be considered.

Other Dinner Suit Hire Providers in Manchester

Even though Manchester contains a lot of local businesses that specialise in dinner suit hire, some consumers may wish to take a look at some of the bigger brands based around the country. A lot of these operate solely online and examples of national businesses include Slaters, Moss Bros and Youngs Hire.

Dinner Suit Hire Manchester Summary

Residents of Manchester have been blessed with plenty of options in relation to dinner suit hire. The city contains many local businesses and while some will take orders online, a lot require customers to visit the store to take measurements and complete an order. Just like for all areas of the United Kingdom, people in Manchester also have the option of hiring their dinner suit from other sources such as the major retailers. In general though, prices for both options are similar and it simply depends on personal preference.

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