Dinner Suit Hire Milton Keynes

With Milton Keynes being something of a new area due to its New Town status, there are unfortunately fewer options for dinner suit hire in this region. Unlike other towns, there are fewer local companies as they have simply not had the time to develop into the traditional local brands that are seen on most of the UK’s high streets. Unfortunately, this also means that there are not many of the national brands in Milton Keynes, meaning residents of the area have a very limited choice in relation to dinner suit hire.

Following on from the above, it is worth mentioning that a lot of people in Milton Keynes tend to look outside of the town to satisfy their dinner suit requirements. For this reason, several of the most used dinner suit hire companies for Milton Keynes are not situated directly in the town. The following are some examples of these renowned companies:
  • Suitors of Buckingham
  • Warwicks
  • Formality Formalwear

Suitors of Buckingham

Suitors of Buckingham actually have two stores, with the Buckingham outlet being situated in the most convenient position for residents of Milton Keynes. The company have a large range of dinner suits and prices are very competitive, with most costing just £34.50. Furthermore, if customers book at the right time, the company offer a 10% discount. Suitors of Buckingham make no secret of the fact that they prefer customers to visit their store for a full fitting session before making a booking. However, they have made available self-measuring instructions, meaning that customers can make orders by email, telephone or post if they wish to.


Warwicks are one firm who are not based in Milton Keynes although with the company having three different outlets around the town, they are certainly very accessible. With so many branches, it is needless to say that they have a wide range of dinner suits available for hire. Moreover, with prices starting at £33, Warwicks are certainly very good value and should definitely be considered.

Formality Formalwear

Formality Formalwear are another company who are not based in Milton Keynes, with their store being in the Newport Pagnell area. However, they are more than happy to cater for other regions, with this being done through their Home Visits package. The service costs £50 and means that all suits will be delivered and then collected. With the company having a lot of dinner suits available in their catalogue, this could be a very worthwhile service for the people of Milton Keynes.

Dinner Suit Hire Milton Keynes Summary

As the above has highlighted, there is something of a shortage of dinner suit hire providers in Milton Keynes. There are very few local companies in the area offering the service, with this probably due to the fact that the town has not existed for very long. This means that residents of the town are forced to shop outside of Milton Keynes, where there are at least quite a lot of options in the market.

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