Dinner Suit Hire Norwich

Even though Norwich is seen as a large and populous UK city, it would be fair to say that residents of the area have something of a limited choice in relation to dinner suit hire. Unfortunately, there are very few local companies offering the service and people instead have to rely on the national firms that line the streets of Norwich.

Out of the few local dinner suit hire companies in Norwich, the following are seen as some of the most reputable in the area:
  • John Field Formal Hire
  • Coes
  • Essential Collection of Norwich

John Field Formal Hire

With over twenty five years of experience in the industry, John Field Formal Hire certainly hold plenty of knowledge of the dinner suite hire market in Norwich. The people of Norwich actually have access to two stores in the area, with one being based in Norwich itself while the other is in nearby Gorleston. Consumers wishing to hire a suit from this company must visit the store to arrange a fitting session, although the firm at least provide a list of prices prior to appointments. Dinner suit hire is seemingly on par with the rest of the market as well, with a standard package costing £45. For more sophisticated garments, this increases and customers can pay up to £90.


Coes have five outlets based around the Norwich area, meaning they are very easily accessed. The company have an extensive product range and customers currently have the choice of twelve different types of dinner suits. Coes publish a full list of prices for all of their dinner suits and just like the previous firm, these prices seem very competitive. Customers can pay as little as £29.95 although this can rise to almost £80 depending on the type. It is also worth mentioning that students have access to a specialist package that currently retails for £25.

Essential Collection of Norwich

This company have over twelve years of experience in the dinner suit hire industry, which again means they are certainly reputable. It would be fair to say that the firm is more focussed on bridal ware, although they do stock a small range of dinner suits. Unfortunately, no orders are processed online and customers have to visit the shop for a full fitting session.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Norwich

As stated previously, there appears to be very few local companies in Norwich that specialise in dinner suit hire. Fortunately, several of the major high street brands have opened stores in the area, with the following being examples:
  • Slaters – This company have one branch, with this being situated in the heart of the Norwich city centre.
  • Moss Bros – Similarly, Moss Bros have the one store, with this also being based in the city centre.
  • 1860 Greenwoods – 1860 Greenwoods are another firm who have an outlet in the centre of Norwich.
  • Youngs Hire – Youngs Hire have a branch situated in the Castle Mall, again in Norwich’s city centre.

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