Dinner Suit Hire Nottingham

Nottingham is another one of the big cities in the UK that has no shortage of options for dinner suit hire. There are many local companies offering this service, with the following being examples:
  • Sanders Menswear
  • Formal Hire by TLC
  • Roy Palin Suit Hire

Sanders Menswear

Having serviced the Nottingham area for over 75 years, Sanders Menswear have incredible experience of the dinner suit hire industry and should most definitely be considered. The company have a large catalogue of dinner suits and also accompany these with plenty of available accessories, such as bow ties, formal shoes and cuff links. Unfortunately, Sanders Menswear do not accept any business through their website although they do have three stores located around the Nottingham area, meaning they are certainly easy to access.

Formal Hire by TLC

Situated in West Bridgford, Formal Hire by TLC is sat just a few minutes away from the Nottingham city centre. At the moment, the company offer customers a choice of seven different dinner suits, with each being accompanied by various accessories. Unfortunately, Formal Hire by TLC are another firm who does not accept orders over the internet and customers will instead have to visit their shop.

Roy Palin Suit Hire

Roy Palin Suit Hire are actually based in Coventry although are more than happy to service the Nottingham area as well. The company claim to keep over three hundred suits in stock, meaning that customers should most certainly find what they are looking for. Roy Palin Suit Hire also require customers to make an appointment before making an order, although the company do at least advertise their prices. For example, the basic dinner jacket and trousers package will cost the end customer just £30 to hire, while additional items such as bow ties are also good value at just £2.50 each.

Major Dinner Suit Hire Providers in Nottingham

As well as having many local dinner suit hire companies in the area, Nottingham is also home to some of the national brands. Examples of these include:
  • Slaters – This company have one store in the city centre.
  • Moss Bros – Similarly, Moss Bros also have one branch in Nottingham and this is also situated centrally.
  • Youngs Hire – Youngs Hire also have one branch in Nottingham, with this being situated in the Debenhams store in the city centre.

Dinner Suit Hire Nottingham Summary

The above has highlighted just how easy it is to hire a suit in the Nottingham region, with the city full of local companies offering the service. Unlike some areas, it seems as though the standard practice in Nottingham is for companies not to offer an online service and just ask that customers visit stores to get properly fitted. For those individuals who would rather place their custom in a major brand, each of the three national suppliers of dinner suit hires have a store in Nottingham. Slaters, Moss Bros and Youngs Hire all have bases in the city, providing consumers with even more options.

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