Dinner Suit Hire Oxford

Considering the status of Oxford, some people will be surprised to hear that the choice of dinner suit hire companies is not that large. While there are several in the area, there are times where one could struggle to hire garments in this city and it is definitely worth booking a lot of time in advance to guarantee supply.

The following three companies are seen as some of the major local retailers offering a dinner suit hire service for the Oxford region:
  • Walters Oxford
  • The Ballroom Oxford
  • Henry’s of Banbury

Walters Oxford

There is no doubt that Walters Oxford are one of the most recognised dinner suit hire retailers in the area. The company have formed a fantastic reputation over their 150 years of existence and are now the official outfitter to Oxford University. Bearing in mind how highly regarded they are in Oxford, one would think that Walters Oxford charge high prices for their garments. Fortunately, this is not the case and a standard dinner suit package will cost just £38.99. It is also worth mentioning that Walters Oxford operate an online store, meaning that customers no longer have to visit their shop and can make orders in the comfort of their own home.

The Ballroom Oxford

It would be fair to say that The Ballroom Oxford are a much smaller retailer of dinner suits, although they still have a good reputation in the area. The company have a varied range of dinner suits available to hire, with customers required to visit their store in the OX4 area.

Henry’s of Banbury

Henry’s of Banbury are not actually based in Oxford itself, with the firm operating from an outlet in the nearby Banbury. The company have been in operation for over fifty years, which again highlights how recognised they are in the industry. There is a select range of dinner suits available to hire and with prices between £40 and £50, Henry’s of Banbury are definitely very competitive. Unfortunately, no orders are accepted online and customers have to visit the Banbury store to get properly measured.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Oxford

As explained above, there is a limited choice of dinner suit hire companies in Oxford and this even stretches to the national brands. There is no 1860 Greenwoods or Slaters in the area, meaning that the city just contains the following two major firms:
  • Moss Bros – There is one Moss Bros store in Oxford, with this being situated in the city centre on Cornmarket Street.
  • Youngs Hire – Similarly, there is just one Youngs Hire retailer in the city, with this being in the Debenhams store in the city centre. For those that can travel a little further afar, there is also a Youngs Hire in Banbury.

Dinner Suit Hire Oxford Summary

One would think that considering the reputation Oxford has, the city would have countless companies attempting to supply dinner suits. Unfortunately, there are few in the area and people should be advised to book as early as possible to guarantee their garments.

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