Dinner Suit Hire Plymouth

The size and popularity of Plymouth would suggest that there is a big supply of dinner suits. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the people of Plymouth have very few local businesses offering the service. Instead, residents of the area usually have to look at other areas of Devon, or turn to the few national retailers that operate in the city.

At the moment, the following companies are some of the most used dinner suit hire suppliers for Plymouth:
  • Rossetti Brides
  • Prudence Gowns
  • Apollo Menswear

Rossetti Brides

Even though the name suggests otherwise, Rossetti Brides still cater for males and operate a dinner suit hire service. The company are actually based in Torquay, which is approximately a forty five minute drive from Plymouth. However, they still attract plenty of custom from the city, which is no surprise considering the large catalogue of dinner suits they have available. Furthermore, all of their garments are manufactured by Cameron Ross, who are seen as one of the leading suit makers in the country.

Prudence Gowns

Similarly to the company above, Prudence Gowns are not just for female customers but have a significant male department. This firm is actually based in Plymouth and is one of the most established businesses in the area, with over thirty years of experience to their name. Prudence Gowns currently have three types of dinner suits available to hire, with prices available on request.

Apollo Menswear

Apollo Menswear an example of another firm who are not located directly in Plymouth, with the store located in Ivybridge – about eight miles away from Plymouth. The company have a small selection of dinner suits available for hire, with prices starting from £35. However, Apollo Menswear do not accept any orders online and ask that customers visit their store for a fitting session.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Plymouth

Even though there is seemingly a shortage of local retailers offering a dinner suit hire service, there are also very few of the major brands that are located in the city. For example, Plymouth does not have either an 1860 Greenwoods or a Slaters outlet, while there are also very few of the other national brands:

  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros just have the one store in Plymouth, with this being situated right in the heart of the city.
  • Youngs Hire – Similarly, Youngs Hire just have the one branch in Plymouth. This is set in Debenhams, in the main shopping centre in the city.

Dinner Suit Hire Plymouth Summary

Considering the size of Plymouth, it is very surprising to see so little choice in relation to dinner suit hire. There are very few local retailers offering the service, with customers generally having to visit nearby towns and cities to satisfy their needs. Furthermore, there are just two major brands that can be found on Plymouth high street, with these being Moss Bros and Youngs Hire. This all means that the choice in Plymouth is quite restrictive and those looking for dinner suit hire should look to act well in advance.

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