Dinner Suit Hire Sheffield

With Sheffield being another of the United Kingdom’s big cities, people living in the area have access to a wide range of local dinner suit hire providers. At the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the most established in the industry in Sheffield:
  • Ashley Rodgers
  • Philip Johnson
  • Formal Affair

Ashley Rodgers

While quite a lot of companies are turning to the online route to keep costs down, Ashley Rodgers have maintained traditionalism and ask that all customers come into their shop to try their suits on before hiring. The company have been trading for over thirty years, which perhaps highlights just how much experience they have in the industry. At the moment, there are nine different dinner suits available for hire and customers have to call in to arrange a fitting appointment if they are interested in hiring a garment.

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson are another firm who do not conduct any business over the internet and instead ask for customers to attend fitting sessions. The company do not advertise prices, yet currently offer four different types of dinner suit hire packages in their range.

Formal Affair

Formal Affair are not completely specific to the Sheffield area, although the company do take a lot of business from the city. The firm are slightly different to those that have been described above, as they do look to promote the online section of their business much more. At the moment, Formal Affair advertise five different types of dinner suits available for hire and customers should be aware that by making a booking online, the final cost of their hire will be cheaper.

OtherHire Providers of Dinner Suits in Sheffield

So far, the above has concentrated on the local companies in Sheffield that offer dinner suits for hire. However, for various reasons, some people prefer to use the large, national brands. In comparison with other major cities, there are fewer of the big brands located in Sheffield for some reason, with the city without Slaters for example. However, Moss Bros do have a store, with this being located in the popular Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Elsewhere, Young Hire are also seen as a major player in the United Kingdom dinner suit hire market and they have two bases in Sheffield, with one being in Meadowhall and the other in the city centre.

Dinner Suit Hire Sheffield Summary

As the above has shown, there are plenty of local companies in Sheffield that can supply dinner suits for hire purposes. Just like most of the country, there seems to be a fairly even split between those that conduct most of their business online and those that ask for customers to come into stores to try on their suits. In terms of major brands, Sheffield surprisingly does not hold a Slaters. However, there is a Moss Bros and Young Hire located in the city, meaning that residents at least have the option of choosing a local firm or hiring from a major establishment.

Dinner Suit Hire Sheffield

The size and reputation of Sheffield means there is always going to be a big demand for dinner suit hire. Fortunately, the city is awash with options, whether it be local companies or national, high street brands. Furthermore, there are various online businesses that service the Sheffield region and it goes without saying that these firms are much more convenient for the end customer.

The following three local companies are seen as some of the most established in Sheffield:
  • Ted the Tailor
  • Formally Yours
  • Philip Johnson

Ted the Tailor

Ted the Tailor appear to be one of the best value companies in Sheffield, with the firm sometimes charging as little as £39 for a dinner suit. It is possible for this to increase with the inclusion of further accessories, with Ted the Tailor offering other garments such as shirts and bow ties. Unfortunately, the company do not accept orders online but are happy to accept any enquiries over the phone.

Formally Yours

Formally Yours are a much different type of company to the one mentioned above, with this firm conducting all of their business online. They are frequently used throughout the whole country and this is mainly due to their convenience. Customers simply enter their requirements and then arrange for Formally Yours to firstly deliver but then collect the dinner jacket. All dinner suit packages cost the same at £57, while customers can also hire boy’s outfits which cost £25.

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson are perhaps one of the most well-known local providers of dinner suits in Sheffield. The company have various brands of suits available although unlike the previous firms, they do not advertise prices. It therefore goes without saying that Philip Johnson do not accept orders over the internet, although they do welcome visitors to their shop which is located in the S11 area of the city.

Major Dinner Suit Providers for Sheffield

Even though Sheffield is seen as one of the major cities of the United Kingdom, there are actually few national brands located in the region. For example, there is no store for either Slaters or 1860 Greenwoods, both of which are seen as two of the largest providers of dinner suits in the country.

Fortunately, there are a couple of other options in the form of Youngs Hire and Moss Bros. Both can be found in the Meadowhall Shopping Centre, with the former being located in the Debenhams outlet in the mall.

Dinner Suit Hire Sheffield Summary

Residents of Sheffield are in the fortunate position of having plenty of options in relation to dinner suit hire. However, perhaps strangely, most of these options are local with very few of the national companies being situated in the city. As highlighted above, it is also possible for people in Sheffield to order a dinner suit online, with Formally Yours being just one of many internet options. Of course, there are several risks associated with this method, yet the convenience could mean that it is a much better choice for some.

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