Dinner Suit Hire Surrey

With Surrey being one of the Home Counties, there are of course many events where people of the area require a dinner suit. Fortunately, Surrey has a huge array of companies offering a dinner suit hire service, with most of these being independent, local retailers. For those people who would rather shop with a major brand, Surrey is also home to many of these meaning that residents of the region should never be stuck for choice.

At the moment, the following companies are some of the most well-known local suppliers of dinner suits in Surrey:
  • Harrington Hire
  • Lequest
  • High Society

Harrington Hire

Harrington Hire have been established since 2000 and currently have one store in the county, with this being based in Guildford. The company have various dinner suit options, with prices starting at £44.95. With that being said, the price can rise up to as much as £70 if one decides to hire a full dinner suit package. At the moment, Harrington Hire do not accept online orders and just ask that customers visit their store to get fitted.


Lequest claim to be Surrey’s biggest and best provider of dinner suits. The company offer a range of dinner suit options although it would be fair to say that prices are much lower than the previous firm, with Lequest charging just £32.50 for their lowest dinner suit package. The business prefers customers to visit their Weybridge branch for an appointment, although they do have a self-measuring form that can be completed should one wish to hire a garment immediately.

Hire Society

Hire Society are another company who claim to be one of the leading suppliers of dinner suits in Surrey. The company are based in Cheam, making them extremely easy to access especially from the motorway. It is worth mentioning that this company often have big sale discounts, where customers can pick up ex-hire items for very low prices.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Surrey

With Surrey spanning such a large area, there are many major high street brands that are in the area. The following are examples:
  • Slaters – Slaters have a branch in The Pavilion, in Crawley.
  • Youngs Hire – Youngs Hire have many stores dotted around Surrey, with the majority being part of Debenhams outlets.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros have several shops in Surrey, with branches in Guildford, Camberley and Epsom.
It is worth mentioning that one of the biggest firms in the country, 1860 Greenwoods, strangely do not have a store in the county.

Dinner Suit Hire Surrey Summary

With Surrey being just on the outskirts of London, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to see so many local businesses offering a dinner suit hire service. One should not have any problem whatsoever in finding a company and as shown above, it is definitely possible to shop around and save money on hire prices. Failing that, most of the major high street stores have firms in Surrey and there is certainly no doubting their reliability.

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