Dinner Suit Hire Sussex

With Sussex being relatively close to the capital, there are many occasions when one would need to hire a dinner suit. Fortunately, the county has many options and whether it be local retailers or national brands, the people of Sussex certainly have many options to explore.

At the moment, the following local firms are seen as some of the big players in the area:
  • Dickies Suit Hire
  • ManShop
  • Broadleys

Dickies Suit Hire

Dickies Suit Hire are seen as one of the leading suppliers of dinner suits in Sussex, with their business spanning back over eighteen years. Through that time, they have won the ‘hire shop of the year’ accolade, which again highlights their expertise in this industry. The company are constantly running promotions and their prices are already low, with dinner suit hire starting from £35. They do not accept orders through the internet although unlike several firms in the market, customers do not need to make an appointment and can just turn up at their shop in Worthing.


ManShopare another company in Sussex who claim to be one of the most respected in the area. The firm have an extensive range of dinner suits available, with the smallest package costing £42.50 to hire. ManShop have a store based in the Burgess Hill area and just like the previous firm, they ask that customers visit their outlet to place an order.


Broadleys are seen as one of the most historic companies in the industry in Surrey, with the firm first opening their doors all the way back in 1896. They offer a selective range of dinner suits although again, customers must attend a fitting session prior to making an order. The company’s store is based on the high street in Grinstead, meaning that it is very easy to access.

Major Providers of Dinner Suit Hire in Sussex

As highlighted above, Sussex is awash with local retailers offering a dinner suit hire service. It could be said that there is less of a selection for the national brands, with Slaters and 1860 Greenwoods not having a store in the county for example. At the moment, the following major companies have outlets in Sussex:
  • Youngs Hire – There are several Youngs Hire stores in the Sussex region, with most being situated as sub-shops in Debenhams outlets.
  • Moss Bros – Similarly, Moss Bros have numerous outlets across Sussex. Areas that hold this retailer include Brighton, Eastbourne and Chichester.

Dinner Suit Hire Sussex Summary

It is clear to see that Sussex is home to many local retailers, who have colourful histories of offering dinner suit hire in the county. In comparison with other areas, it could be said that many of these retailers do not maximise their online exposure and instead rely on customers visiting their stores to place orders. On the other side of the coin, the county has many Youngs Hire and Moss Bros outlets, meaning that customers can always choose a national brand if they would prefer.

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