Dinner Suit Hire Yorkshire

While some areas may contain very few dinner suit hire companies, Yorkshire is not included in this list and the county has countless options for those requiring a suit. Whether it is the major high street brands or the small, local firms, Yorkshire has many dinner suit hire options and one should have no problem in locating thisset of garments.

At the moment, the following three companies can be classed as some of the most well-known firms in the market in Yorkshire:
  • York Hire Wear
  • Yorkshire Menswear
  • Top Mark

York Hire Wear

As the name suggests, this company are based in York and offer a reasonable selection of dinner suits for hire. Customers can choose to either hire a dinner suit that is single or double breasted, while further accessories are also available. The firm do not publish any ordering information online and ask that customers visit their store for a fitting session prior to making a purchase.

Yorkshire Menswear

Yorkshire Menswear are another company in the dinner suit hire industry who use Cameron Ross as a suit provider. The company currently have two stores situated in Yorkshire, with one in Leeds and the other in Harrogate. Unlike a lot of firms in the region, Yorkshire Menswear publish prices, with a 2-piece dinner suit costing as little as £49, with this rising to as much as £99 if other accessories are included.

Top Mark

Top Mark claim to be Yorkshire’s leading provider of suits, with the company currently having one branch which is situated in Pontefract. Having first opened its doors over twenty three years ago, it would be fair to say that Top Mark possess considerable experience in the industry and are definitely a reliable provider. It appears as though the firm are attempting to modernise as well, with Top Mark currently developing an online shop segment to their business. For the moment, customers can call up to arrange an order, with the price of a standard dinner suit being around £45.

Major Dinner Suit Providers for Yorkshire

Even though there is no shortage of local dinner suit providers in Yorkshire, there are still a lot of national companies in the county. The following are examples of these major brands:
  • 1860 Greenwoods – This company have plenty of outlets dotted around Yorkshire, with the current tally sat at twelve. Furthermore, there are five other branches that are situated in Humberside, which is only a short drive away.
  • Slaters – At the moment, there is just one Slaters in Yorkshire, with this being based in Leeds.
  • Moss Bros – There are countless Moss Bros outlets situated across Yorkshire, with most towns in the county having the luxury of holding one.
  • Youngs Hire – Youngs Hire are another company who have many outlets across Yorkshire. The policy for this firm appears to be to place most of their shops in Debenhams outlets and for this reason, most of the Debenhams situated in the county also contain a Youngs Hire section.

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