Dinner Suit Hire

Whether it be for business purposes, school proms or any standard event, there will always be a time where one needs to hire a dinner suit. There was once a time where the industry was full of local companies and while many of these are still around, there are also several major brands that can be found on practically every high street through the United Kingdom.

What is a Dinner Suit?

Firstly, it is worth explaining more about the dinner suit. Unfortunately, there are various ways to explain this and this is why a lot of people often get confused as to what exactly the garment is. Many people and functions often refer to the “black tie” code of dress and this correlates directly with a dinner suit. Furthermore, a tuxedo is often part of the dinner suit, yet unfortunately many countries and cultures refer to the dress code differently and this is where confusion occurs.

Major Dinner Suit Hire Brands

At the moment, the following three companies are seen as the major suppliers of dinner suit hire in the United Kingdom:
  • Slaters
  • Moss Bros
  • Youngs Hire


It seems hard to imagine that Slaters just have the twenty two shops across the country, as they are consistently seen as one of the biggest providers of dinner suit hire in the United Kingdom. Having first opened their doors in 1904, it would certainly be fair to say that the firm have amassed a huge amount of experience. They have a large catalogue for consumers to browse although surprisingly, they do not allow consumers to hire dinner suits over the internet yet and still require people to visit one of their stores to get measured.

Moss Bros

Moss Bros are even older than Slaters, with the company being established all the way back in 1851. It would be fair to say that the company are slightly bigger as well, with Moss Bros currently holding over 120 stores. Furthermore, the firm have made advancements over the years and do allow customers to order online, which will save both time and money for retailer and consumer. Moss Bros have six different dinner suit packages in their range at the moment and with the likes of Ben Sherman and Hilton being just two of the high profile designers, it’s no surprise to see the company performing so well and constantly increasing in popularity.

Youngs Hire

Youngs Hire are another major brand in the United Kingdom and have a considerable number of stores located around the country. Most of the time, these stores are located within Debenhams outlets, probably to save on overhead costs. In terms of their dinner suits section, the company currently have five different types of package available for hire. The smallest of these packages is the Double Brested Dinner suit, which is priced at £35. For those people who wish to invest a little more, Youngs Hire also offer a Black Evening Tailcoat Suit although this will cost £65 to hire.

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