Edwardian Suit Hire

Getting married is arguably the most important day of anyone’s life; a day that will live on in the memory and through pictures for long after the day has passed. There is no expense spared on a wedding day and looking the part is essential for both the groom and bride. The grooms look can be a tricky one as it needs to be stylish and traditional whilst never upstaging the bride; choosing a suit can be is as big a decision as any part of the planning. One choice that is favoured by many is Edwardian suit hire; this is seen as the perfect outfit for the traditional wedding and one that stands the test of time without becoming dated in the same way as modern fashion.

Types of Edwardian suit

Edwardian suit hire is the ideal blend of both modern and traditional and is available in a range of choices that will suit the theme of any wedding. The coat is a major part of the Edwardian suit, and it comes in a three-quarter size and in a range of colours. Popular colours for this kind of suit include:
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Charcoal grey
  • Brown
While these are the most widely chosen colours, other more obscure colours such as caramel, fawn and Ivory are also available. This kind of outfit is one of the most luxurious wedding suits on the market and the fabric used reflects this. Herringbone and velvet are the generally the material of choice and will look perfect on the big day.

Hiring a suit as a package

Edwardian suit hire can be done as a package which will include a jacket, matching trousers, waistcoat, shirt, cravat and pocket square. Choosing this option can be beneficial if you intend to have the entire groom party in matching outfits. A common theme at traditional weddings is for the men on the groom’s side to wear colours that reflect the bridesmaid’s dresses. Waistcoats, cravats and pocket squares are available in hundreds of different colours to ensure this is possible. Some companies are able to create these items from material that you provide; this can be beneficial if you have a rare colour scheme.

Having a suit tailored to fit

When looking for a company to supply your suits, you should make sure that a wide range of sizes are offered, particularly so if need suits for page boys. Every member of the groom's party will need a suit that fits perfectly and the majority of hire shops are able provide a “made to measure” tailoring service. This will involve measurements being taken of neck, sleeves, chest, waist and inseam and a suit will be provided, which matches those statistics.

If a tailoring service is required, booking Edwardian suit hire early is important; this will provide ample time for any alterations that are required closer to the big day. This will particularly apply to children who will often have grown from the time original measurements were taken.

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