Etiquette Suit Hire

Anytime a suit is needed, the occasion is likely to be an important one. Suits are a requirement at all kinds of events and social gatherings and there is a vast amount of outfits suited to all etiquette. Suit hire will often depend on the kind of event being attended or what the invitation states. This makes hiring the perfect solution as a different suit can be chosen for any event without paying over the odds as is so often the case with buying.  

Wedding etiquette

When it comes to weddings, a large part of the day is centred on etiquette, suit hire is often planned months in advance to ensure everything is perfect for the big day. Many weddings are held in church. This kind of traditional ceremony will typically see the bridegroom wearing a morning or lounge suit which is matched by the fathers of the bride and groom, best man and page boys. Common colours are black, navy blue, grey and brown and accessories will often be a brighter colour that complements the dresses worn by the bride and bridegroom. Modern weddings are more relaxed in the expression that shown. Many grooms opt for an Edwardian style suit that has a three-quarter length coat.

Accessories include tie/cravat, handkerchief, waist coat and a top hat; these extras should be all of the same colour except for the hat which will match the coat and trousers. Shirts are generally white with option of standard or wing collars available.

Evening wear etiquette

There is also a large amount of importance placed upon evening wear etiquette. Suit hire will be required to match the theme of the night, generally white tie or black tie, the latter being the more popular. Evening wear provides many different choices and is commonly required at events such as:
  • Banquets
  • Receptions and balls
  • Cruise ships
  • Formal functions
  • Proms
White tie outfits will generally consist of an evening tailcoat and evening trousers complimented with a waistcoat, wing collared shirt, silk handkerchief and tie or bow tie. The suit should be black with all accessories, including the waist coat, white. A common piece of etiquette when wearing a white tie is to have the bottom button of the waistcoat fastened at all times.

Black tie events will require a different kind of suit. Single and double-breasted dinner jackets are common with satin lapels and satin striped trousers. The shirt of choice can be a standard or wing collar with a black tie or bow tie. Depending on personal preference, a man may opt for a waistcoat or cummerbund; these two items should never be worn together.

Royal occasion etiquette

Royal occasions such as Royal Ascot are particular strict when it comes to etiquette, suit hire for the Royal enclosure will need to be a grey or black morning dress with a top hat. The grandstand etiquette is slightly more relaxed and men are able to wear any kind of suit and tie.

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