Formal Suit Hire UK

Weddings, proms, banquets and balls, all occasions that will require the use of a formal suit in some form or other; the problem is each event may is likely to need a different kind of suit and going out and buying one will cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds. There is another downside to buying and that is the value for money that you get from a suit. Paying a couple of hundred pounds for a coat may be expensive but that expense can be justified as the coat will be worn almost every day; the same cannot be said for a formal suit that will be used no more than a few times. The answer to these problems is formal suit hire. UK based companies, both on and offline are some of the best providers of suits for all occasions in the world, and these shores are also home to an array of the best designers.

Types of formal suit

There are a number of options for formal suit hire; UK hire retailers will tell you that wedding and evening wear suits are the most popular, but tuxedos and dress wear are also regularly used at various events.

The suit you require will depend on the event you are attending, the biggest market for suit hire is weddings. Getting married is one of the most important days in anyone’s life and looking the part on the big day is essential, hiring a suit will allow you to do this. It is often tradition for the best man, page boys and fathers of the bride and groom to wear a suit that matches the one worn by the bridegroom. It is not conceivable for all members of the groom’s party to go out and buy a suit that is only to be worn once, making hiring the perfect solution. There are many varieties to this kind of formal suit hire; UK suppliers will generally provide the suit as a package that comes with shirt, waistcoat, tie/cravat and pocket square or handkerchief. This will cover everything needed other than shoes.

Evening wear is the other big seller for hire shops and online suppliers; this is generally required at black and white-tie events. The type of suit used for evening events often depends on what is stated in the invitation. White tie events favour tailcoats with satin striped trousers, white shirt and waistcoat with accessories to match. The more popular black-tie occasions will allow for a wider range of outfits, the most popular being tuxedos, single and double-breasted jackets.

Is it best to hire online or from a shop?

The answer to this will depend on your suit requirement the two are very much the same, although online proves more convenient. Tailoring is very common with formal suit hire, UK hire shops are able to carry out alterations to a suit so that it is perfectly tailored to a customer’s size, if this option is something you require, hiring from a shop will be the only option.

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