Formal Suit Hire Aberdeen

Just like most areas in Scotland, Aberdeen is flooded with companies who are looking to either hire or sell kilts. However, when it comes to formal suit hire the consumer is left with slightly fewer options. The choice is not aided through the fact that many of the major brands that occupy the UK do not have a base in Aberdeen.

The three companies shown below are seen as the primary choice for many people who are shopping for formal suit hire in Aberdeen:
  • La’Orr
  • Millsom& Main
  • Aberdeen Black Tie


La’Orr are not actually based in Aberdeen itself, but instead in the nearby area of Maud. The company mainly specialise in the wedding industry, although their menswear department is growing and they currently have a small offering of formal suits. At the moment, no orders are accepted over the internet and customers have to visit the firm’s shop to make a purchase.

Millsom& Main

It would be fair to say that Millsom& Main are slightly more recognised than the previous company and furthermore, they are also based directly in Aberdeen. The company have been established since 1998 and while there is no doubt that their speciality is highland wear, they do offer a good range of formal suits for hire.

Aberdeen Black Tie

Out of the three example companies, Aberdeen Black Tie have the largest range of formal suits available. One of the main positive issues about this company is the convenience, with customers simply making an order online before waiting for the delivery and then returning it for collection. Of course, this means that there is an element of self-measuring involved, yet many people prefer this method due to the overall simplicity. The company have many different options for formal suits, with some costing £39 while others can cost as much as £65 to hire.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Aberdeen

Out of the four main providers of formal suit hire across the UK, there is just one brand that can be found in Aberdeen. The likes of Youngs Hire, Moss Bros and 1860 Greenwoods have no bases in Aberdeen, meaning that those people wishing to shop at a major brand have to turn to Slaters. The Slaters store is located very centrally, with customers able to find the store off Bon-Accord Street.

Formal Suit Hire Aberdeen Summary

It could be said that it is difficult to locate many form suit hire stores across the whole of Scotland, with many companies deciding to concentrate on kilt hire. However, in Aberdeen it seems particularly hard and if one does not start looking well in advance, it could sometimes be difficult to find a formal suit in time for the specified occasion. Most of the time major companies can ease the situation, but in the case of Aberdeen there is just Slaters that is available, meaning that there is a poor choice of selection overall and it is difficult to shop around.

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