Formal Suit Hire Belfast

Just like many large cities across the United Kingdom, Belfast is home to countless stores offering a formal suit hire service. One thing that is surprising about the city is the number of major retailers in comparison with local companies. The city is fairly unique in the fact that most formal suit hire businesses are in fact local, with very few of the high street brands being based in Belfast.

At the moment, the following companies are seen as some of the most established local providers of formal suit hire in Belfast:
  • Parsons Hire
  • Ludlows
  • Gowdys Menswear

Parsons Hire

Parsons Hire are seen as an extremely reputable company in Belfast and currently offer around five different types of formal suit. Unfortunately, Parsons Hire are not offering an online service at the moment and customers must visit their store to make an order. However, with company’s shop being situated right in the centre of Belfast on Wellington Place, it is very convenient to access.


Ludlows are another business that has a colourful history in Belfast, with the company first opening its doors over twenty three years ago. Unfortunately, they are another company who do not yet offer online functionality, meaning that consumers have to visit their store to make an order. It would be fair to say that their shop is not located as centrally as the previous company, but with a whole floor dedicated to formal suit hire they are definitely worth a visit.

Gowdy’s Menswear

In comparison to the previous two firms, Gowdy’s Menswear have an unbelievable amount of experience in the formal suit hire industry in Belfast. The company have been in operation for over sixty years, proving they are a hugely reliable business in the city. Gowdy’s Menswear have a large selection of formal suits available to hire, although demand is always high and the company recommend that customers book at least four weeks before their occasion.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire in Belfast

Even though Belfast has plenty of local companies offering a formal suit hire service, it would be fair to say that there are very few major brands in the city. At the moment, there are just two of the big companies operating in Belfast:
  • Youngs Hire –Youngs Hire have one outlet in Belfast, with this being situated in Debenhams in the city centre.
  • Moss Bros – For those who are willing to travel a few miles out of Belfast, Moss Bros have an outlet located in Antrim.

Formal Suit Hire Belfast Summary

As highlighted above, there is certainly no shortage of companies offering a formal suit hire service in Belfast. It appears as though the majority of these stores are local and with most boasting long and proud histories, the people of Belfast have an array of reliable providers available. On the other side of the coin, both Youngs Hire and Moss Bros have nearby outlets that can cater for those who would prefer to shop with a renowned, high street brand.

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