Formal Suit Hire Edinburgh

Other than the highly popular kilts it is difficult to spot a local company specialising in formal suit hire in Edinburgh. Luckily, certain businesses offering kilt hire also deal in a smaller range of formal suitsfor the non-conformists seeking to avoid a traditional Scottish outfit. These stores include Davison Menswear and Top Hats.Another, perhaps more convenient option, is the Edinburgh Black Tie offering an online hire service. Otherwise customers are at the mercy of national stores. The ones available in Edinburgh are Moss Bros, Youngs Hire and Slaters.

Davison Menswear

Although a large number of their outfits may be viewed online, unfortunately, other than a brief mention that Formal Hire is available, the website does not show any such products or list any prices. While the company appear to offer a wide range of products for hire, there is little information on them and limits the client to a visit to the shop when in need of a suit. Whilst the location of the store is hardly desirable, the company enhances the ease of shopping by providing a 24-hour/out of hours contact number.

Top Hat Formal Mens Wear

Although thisstore is located even further away from Edinburgh’s city centre, this is compensated by a clearer indication of what they have to offer in terms of formal suits. All suits are listed with an attached photograph and, if in doubt, completed with a detailed description of each outfit. They also offer a range of outfits for boys, which is an unusual advantage. A clear drawback is that it does not provide any indication regarding the cost of such a service.

Edinburgh Black Tie

When visiting a store with no certainty of finding the perfect outfit is an inconvenience, Edinburgh Black Tie offers a solution in the form of an online order. As they are part of Clermont Direct Ltd, they have a reputation for being one of the leading retailers. The convenience lies not only in the customer’s ability to make a choice and place an order online, but also in the free delivery to your door without the need to collect or return the suit. Despite these benefits, customers must be aware of the risks associated with the lack of a professional measuring service. However, when confident with their size, this online service appears to be a popular choice.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Edinburgh

The three national brands available in Edinburgh areYoungs Hire, found in Debenhams, Moss Bros, andSlaters. They are located centrally in Edinburgh, allowing for ease of shopping, a wide range of clothing to choose from and a clear indication of their prices.

Formal Suit Hire Edinburgh Summary

Whilst searching for the ideal formal suit for hire in Edinburgh one comes to the obvious conclusion that the local stores mainly specialise in kilt hire and it is difficult to come across one that not only offers suits but also has a good selection of them. Therefore, most have to turn to the national companies as an alternative.

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