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Like in most parts of Scotland, the outfits for hire available in local stores are primarily limited to traditional kilts with very few offering a formal suit. A number of stores have a narrow selection of suits available along with highland wear. These shops include Gilt Edged and Kilts 4 U. However, due to a limited choice, the majority of customers are forced to turn to online hire, such as Formally Yours, or major providers like Moss Bros, Slaters and Youngs Hire.

Gilt Edged Highland Wear

Whilst the main outfit offered for hire by Gilt Edged are kilts, they also have a selection of formal wear. The store is located in the centre of Glasgow, which allows for easy access. This, along with convenient opening hours, provides a suitable service in relation to formal suit hire. This is aided by the store’s online outfit builder, which enhances the overall experience by making it simple and convenient to hire an outfit. With the only disadvantage being the lack of price indication, this company is an easy choice for those searching an accommodating service.

Kilts 4 U

For a business specialising in kilt hire, Glasgow’s Kilts 4 U have a considerably large selection of formal suits. The outfits may be viewed online, but with the lack of pricing it may be of greater convenience to visit the store. With two locations available it is within reach for every customer in Glasgow. This is aided by an online form provided to arrange an appointment with ease, which is often preferred by customers over traditional telephone calls.

Formally Yours

Due to a lack of choice in formal wear hire in Glasgow many customers are forced to rely on online services to satisfy their needs. Unfortunately,with Formally Yours one must ensure that the company is used a long time in advance due to stock availability and to make sure that the outfit is delivered on time. It is, however, by far the most convenient option with the company offering a number of suits for everyone, averaging at £57. Despite the suggestion to order in advance, suits rarely go out of stock and the main disadvantage is the inconvenience of self-measure.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire in Glasgow

Customers looking to hire a formal suit in Glasgow will find that national providers are more common than a local store. With Moss Bros, Slaters and Youngs Hire all located within the city centre area or a short distance from it, their big choice, ease of access and reputation are certain to attract those in need of formal wear.

Formal Suit Hire Glasgow Summary

There is an apparent gap in formal suit hire in Glasgow amongst local businesses. There is no local store offering primarily formal wear, with a limited number providing suit hire alongside kilts. These stores include Gilt Edged and Kilts 4 U, which, although easily accessible may not satisfy the needs of the more selective clientele. These people are left with a choice of major companies or online hire firms.

Formal Suit Hire Glasgow

The size and reputation of Glasgow suggests that the city will have many options for formal suit hire. Unfortunately, this is not the case and instead, most retailers in Glasgow offer a kilt hire service instead. It is very hard to locate a supplier of formal suit hire and for this reason, it is definitely recommended to book well in advance once an outlet is located.

Bearing in mind the limited choice of formal suit hire providers in Glasgow, the following companies are examples of some reputable ones that are available in the area:
  • Gilt Edged
  • Keogh and Savage
  • Kilts 4 U

Gilt Edged

Gilt Edged are one of the few firms based in Glasgow that primarily specialise in formal suit hire. The company offer a selection of suits, ranging from a standard formal suit to a Prince Edward set. Furthermore, the firm are one of the few in the industry to create specialist student packages for formal suits. On a slight negative, it is not yet possible to order garments online and customers must visit the store in the Saltmarket area of Glasgow.

Keogh and Savage

Based in Grenock, Keogh and Savage are situated perfectly for the people of Glasgow. While the company do have a range of kilts available to hire, their main focus is on formal suits and customers are urged to visit their store to browse their collection.

Kilts 4 U

Even though the name may suggest otherwise, Kilts 4 U do not just specialise in kilts but they also have an extensive formal suit section. At the time of writing, Kilts 4 U have fifteen different styles of formal suits in their range, meaning that the consumer has an avalanche of different options. Unfortunately, the company do not advertise prices and customers must call if they wish to enquire about a quote.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Glasgow

With few independent retailers offering formal suit hire in Glasgow, residents of the area can at least rely on the high street brands. While there is no 1860 Greenwoods situated in the city, the three other major providers do have outlets there:
  • Youngs Hire – The main Youngs Hire store is based in the Debenhams outlet on Argyle Street in Glasgow, although there is also another one slightly out of town in Pollok.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros are in a similar position, with one of their outlets located centrally while the other is in the GL53 area of the city.
  • Slaters – Slaters just have the one branch in the city, with this situated centrally on Howard Street.

Formal Suit Hire Glasgow Summary

In comparison with most other UK cities, the choice for formal suit hire in Glasgow is very limited. Most independent retailers look have extensive kilt ranges for hire, but sometimes completely ignore any type of formal hire. Fortunately, there are several high street brands in the area although it is definitely worth booking well in advance to guarantee supply from these establishments.

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