Formal Suit Hire Hampshire

Considering the vast area of Hampshire, some will not be surprised to hear that the county has plenty of options for formal suit hire. There are lots of local companies in the region and failing that, one can always turn to one of the national brands that can be found on the high streets.

The three companies highlighted below are examples of some of the most established local providers of formal suit hire in Hampshire:
  • Stafford Tailoring
  • Bartlett & Butcher
  • Just For Guys

Stafford Tailoring

Stafford Tailoring are actually a fairly new company in the industry of formal suit hire, with the firm first being established back in 2008. Despite their age, they are still seen as reliable supplier of formal suits with all of their garments being provided by Etiquette Formal Wear Hire. The company do not conduct any business online and ask for customers to visit their store in Fleet to arrange for a fitting session.

Bartlett & Butcher

It would be fair to say that Bartlett & Butcher possess considerably more experience than the previous firm, with this company being in operation for over fifty years. Bartlett & Butcher provide one of the largest collections of formal suits in the industry although unlike most companies, they ask that customers book an appointment due to the large number of enquiries they receive. The company’s showroom is based in Alton, meaning that it is very easily accessed from the whole of Hampshire.

Just For Guys

In comparison with the previous two companies, Just For Guys are a slightly smaller outlet although they should still definitely be considered. They have a large number of formal suits available to hire although it is fair to say that their business model is slightly different to competitors, with Just For Guys tending to hire out items individually rather than as a full suit package. The company’s showroom is located in Liss, with customers encouraged to pay the store a visit to arrange their formal suit hire.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Hampshire

Hampshire is also home to many of the national formal suit retailers, such as the following:
  • Slaters – At the moment there is one Slaters store in Hampshire, with this situated in Basingstoke.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros have several shops in Hampshire including one in Farnham and Basingstoke.
  • Youngs Hire –There are currently two Youngs Hire based in Hampshire, with one in South Sea and the other in Portsmouth.

Formal Suit Hire Hampshire Summary

The people of Hampshire have numerous opportunities for formal suit hire, with most of these being local retailers. In relation to big brands, Hampshire currently does not have an 1860 Greenwoods outlet, but stores such as Slaters, Moss Bros and Youngs Hire can all be found on the streets of the county. Bearing this in mind, it is fair to say that there are countless formal suit hire options and one should never encounter a situation where they find it difficult to hire such a set of garments.

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