Formal Suit Hire Kent

Thesize and location of Kent means that there is always going to be a huge demand for formal suit hire. Bearing this in mind, residents of the area will be pleased to hear that the county offers many different formal suit hire providers. Furthermore, with some of these being independent and others being high street chains, there really is a huge selection of companies in this industry in Kent.

For those who are most interested in hiring a set of garments from a local retailer, the following are seen as some of the most reputable businesses in the county:
  • Cheeks Menswear
  • Bride and Groom Ltd
  • Perfection

Cheeks Menswear

Having first started trading in 1952, Cheeks Menswear have extensive experience in the formal suit hire industry in Kent. The company offer several different styles, with prices ranging between £60 and £70 depending on the options selected. Unfortunately, Cheeks Menswear do not offer any online functionality and ask that customers visit their store in Bexley to make an order.

Bride and Groom Ltd

Even though the name suggests otherwise, this company aren’t specifically targeted to the wedding industry and do offer other types of garments. The company are hugely accessible to most of Kent, with Bride and Groom currently holding two showrooms in Gravesend and Bromley. The firm claim to have one of the largest selections of formal suits in Kent and with thirteen styles currently in their range, this is something that could most definitely be true. It is worth mentioning that Bride and Groom often run discounts, with many people saving a lot of money when they hire multiple formal suits at a time.


Based in Maidstone, Perfection are also situated conveniently for most of Kent. The company offer numerous styles of formal suits, such as Beethoven, Chester and Copin brands. Just like the previous companies, Perfection do not have an online shop and ask customers to book an appointment to get fitted.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Kent

Considering the vast size of Kent, some might be surprised to hear that the county does not hold an 1860 Greenwoods store. However, there are still plenty of other national options for consumers, with the following being examples:
  • Slaters – Slaters currently have a branch situated in Canterbury.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros have slightly more outlets in the county, with the current tally at three.
  • Youngs Hire – There are even more Youngs Hire stores across Kent and considering the policy that this company take, most large Debenhams outlets in the county will probably hold a branch.

Formal Suit Hire Kent Summary

As the above has highlighted, there should never be any issues in locating a formal suit to hire in Kent as the region is simply swamped with options. There are many independent retailers offering a hire service and failing that, there are at least three national companies that can be found in the county. As the Cheeky Menswear store highlighted, prices are still competitive for the area even though Kent is right on the doorstep of London.

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