Formal Suit Hire Leeds

Luckily for those who are not willing to purchase a formal suit but are only looking to hire it, Leeds has a large selection of national and local stores offering an impressive number of suits at competitive prices. Unfortunately, the range of formal suits will rarely differ between stores, with the majority of them being supplied with suits from Cameron Ross. Whilst it may be fair to say that even the local stores have thus been nationalised, the selection of suits remains high nonetheless.

The local stores offering formal suits for hire include amongst others:
  • Oakwood Tailors & Formal Hire
  • Bridal Apparel Leeds
  • Yorkshire Menswear

Most major national companies are also available for shoppers from Leeds, and these include Youngs Hire, Moss Bros and Slaters.

Oakwood Tailors & Formal Hire

This store is certain to attract customers with their wide range of formal hire and their offer of “Hire 5 or more complete suits & receive the groom’s outfit free.” Although it is located a short distance from the city centre, the store is easily accessible and convenient with free parking available to all customers and early opening hours Monday to Saturday. Oakwood Tailors is supplied with suits from Cameron Ross, offering supreme choice and good service.

Bridal Apparel Leeds

Despite the misleading name the store also offers a range of formal suits for men, including formal suit hire from Cameron Ross. Bridal Apparel offers a range of different styles at various prices. They cater not only for wedding clientele but also for other occasions. Whilst the store’s location is far from central, it is easily accessible for the most determined customers.

Yorkshire Menswear

This store’s opening hours are very convenient with evening and Sunday appointments available by prior arrangement. Yorkshire Menswear appeal especially to those seeking to hire a suit as a group, with prices from £49 and one in five suit packages being offered free. This is enhanced by their Roaming Wearer UK Wide Service, which allows easy order and collection for those who live outside of Yorkshire. Just like the above stores they also offer suit hire from Cameron Ross, thus further increasing the customers’ choice. All items from Cameron Ross are available in store to try. Although Yorkshire Menswear are not located centrally, there is free parking available opposite the store for easy access.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire in Leeds

Whilst there are Greenwoods stores available in the surrounding areas, none of them are located directly in Leeds. However, with Youngs Hire, Moss Bros and Slaters all available in highly strategic places – city centre and White Rose Shopping Centre – there are plenty of convenient options for those seeking to hire a formal suit from a reputable nationwide company.


Although a lot of local shops offering formal suit hire in Leeds are supplied by Cameron Ross, the selection of formal wear is very high nonetheless. With easy access, competitive prices and tempting offers, one is bound to find the right suit at a “suitable” price. In any event, major national suppliers are also a fine option.

Formal Suit Hire Leeds

Leeds is one city where people should never have any problems in locating a formal suit. The city is full of retailers offering a hire service and one of the main reasons for this could be due to so many nearby towns benefiting from the market in Leeds. For example, many people in the likes of Wakefield and Huddersfield use formal suit hire companies in Leeds, meaning that these retailers have a huge selection of people to target. As well as the smaller companies, Leeds is also home to many high street retailers that offer this type of service.

For now, the following local retailers will be concentrated on:
  • Bridal Apparel
  • Greene & Clark
  • Keith James

Bridal Apparel

The name of this company may suggest that only females are targeted. However, Bridal Apparel also has a men’s department and this contains a large selection of formal suits available for hire. At the moment, there are nineteen different styles available to hire and this includes some of the old favourites including a Prince Edward and standard Tailcoats. Unfortunately, there is no way to order suits online and instead customers must visit Bridal Apparel’s store, which is located on Harrogate Road.

Greene & Clark

Greene & Clark are a relatively new company in the formal suit hire industry, but they are seen as very reputable in the Leeds area. At the moment, the firm offer four different styles of formal suits to hire, classed as Classic, Supreme, Masterpiece and Imperial.

Keith James

Having first opened its doors in 1972, Keith James have considerable experience of the formal suit hire market in Leeds. It would be fair to say that their main specialization is on suits to buy, although they still offer a small hire department which offers a limited range of formal suits. Prices for these garments appear to be quite low as well, with customers paying as little as £32 in some situations.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Leeds

Apart from 1860 Greenwoods, Leeds is home to all of the major formal suit hire retailers. The following are examples of where these outlets can be found:
  • Slaters – Slaters currently have one store based in the city centre of Leeds.
  • Moss Bros – Similarly, Moss Bros have the one shop and this is also situated centrally.
  • Youngs Hire – The Youngs Hire outlet is not based in the city centre, although it is located conveniently as it lies in the Debenhams shop in the White Rose Shopping Centre.

Formal Suit Hire Leeds Summary

It would be fair to say that the formal suit hire market in Leeds is absolutely saturated and one should never have any problems in finding a retailer. The majority of these providers are independent firms, with most having long histories that span back many years. For those that would prefer to shop with a chain, Leeds also has several of these with Slaters, Youngs Hire and Moss Bros all having a store in the city.

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