Formal Suit Hire Lincoln

Considering the few dinner suit hire options available in Lincoln, one may be surprised to hear that it is a completely different story in the formal suit hire market. In this field consumers have much more choice, with several local companies in the area offering the service alongside some of the national, high street brands.

The following are some of the most popular local retailers offering a formal suit hire service in Lincoln:
  • KMG Bridal Studio
  • Perfection Bridal and Menswear
  • Andrew J Musson

KMG Bridal Studio

Even though the name may suggest that they specialise more in female garments, this is not the case and KMG Bridal Studio have an extensive formal suit hire collection available to hire. The company actually have a completely separate studio for men, which highlights just how highly they regard this section of their business. KMG Bridal Studio currently have several different formal suit options, including a Prince Edward, Tailcoat and Frockcoat suit. Prices for formal suit hire seem relatively competitive as well, with customers paying between £80 and £105 depending on the type of package they select.

Perfection Bridal and Menswear

Perfect Bridal and Menswear can be described as almost being one of the big brands of the United Kingdom, with the company currently having eleven stores across the country. One of these shops is in Lincoln and customers have a vast range of different formal suits to select from. The average price seems to be between £50 and £70, meaning that the firm are also very competitive.

Andrew J Musson

Andrew J Musson is a family run business that has become very well known in Lincoln over the years. The company have countless formal suits available to hire, including Eaton, Goldstone and Ironbridge. Unfortunately, customers cannot order online, but the business is conveniently located on the Lincoln high street meaning that it is not too much of a hindrance to visit.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire in Lincoln

There are also several major providers of formal suits in Lincoln, although the city is currently without a Moss Bros outlet. At the moment, the following national retailers are based in Lincoln:
  • 1860 Greenwoods – This company currently have one store in Lincoln, with this being located on Sincil Street in the LN5 area.
  • Youngs Hire – There is also just one Youngs Hire outlet in Lincoln, with this also being situated in the LN5 postcode area. Consumers can find this store in the Debenhams shop.

Formal Suit Hire Lincoln Summary

The people of Lincoln are in the fortunate position of having several local companies to choose from when it comes to formal suit hire. This might be a surprising fact for some, considering the fact that the city is not awash with suppliers for dinner suits. There are also other options available to consumers looking for formal suits, with the city boasting both an 1860 Greenwoods and a Youngs Hires store. All of this highlights just how much choice the consumer has for formal suit hire in Lincoln.

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